Fiskars Friday on Thursday

Per your request I'm demo-ing Fiskars Circle Border Punch. Once you get the hang of it, it is sweet to use. BTW: no laughing at my singing. LOL From those who asked about Fiskars Circle Border Punch I will draw a random winner. I'll let you know who soon. BTW: One take baby!

I was Tagged today by Fiskateer Melissa . Here's the deal. You just have to go to where you store your photos on the computer, select the 6th folder and the 6th picture in the folder :D
I took this photo when I was visiting Brains On Fire in Greenville, SC. I just thought is was artistic and loved it. So I took a photo.

So I'm tagging:

May Flaum Julie Overby Lisa Faluto Angie,photographer friend Sweet Shannon S.

Just a fun, challenge layout!

Greenville, Fiskateer Crop
Just an update. Meghan (Fiskateer of the Year), Debby ME (Fiskateer of the Year) and Sudie (a wonderful Nifty Fifty and owner of unKit) is planning a fiska-crop in Greenville, South Carolina. We are going to have fun and to see so many Fiskateers in one place may change history. LOL We are still working out the little details. Registration will open soon. The cost is so low I nearly freaked out. It will be a first come first serve basis for Fiskateers who know their number since we have limited space. I will give you one piece of information...It will be on May 16th. Oops, did I let that slip....naw, you didn't hear it from me. Just a note: this is not a FISKARS crop like the Friendzies. It is a crop that is part of what we do as Fiskateers and for me and Meghan it is part of what we do as Fiskateers of the Year. We are going to turn the party on high!!

All About You in 52
I can't wait to see how this week's Dare turns out. This was hard for me because I wanted to balance it with the great, funny and not so fun decisions I had made that impacted my life. I journaled several times before I committed it to the layout.

New Stuff
So what are you looking forward to getting you hands on from all the releases you've seen on the net or in person at CHA? I'm loving Maya Roads leather flowers. I so want Cosmos Cricket's Spinners, Creative Imagination has a new line for Narratives that I'm dying for. Of course who doesn't want some new Basic Grey? I also and most of all have my list for some of the coolest border punches to date with Fiskars. Leave me a note and let me know.

I want to share a little news that's not mine. Natalie, who is a great artist and scrapbooker (blog link to the right...scrapbook trends) has been asked by my favorite magazine to be a regular columnist. Now that is so totally out there cool. Contrats Nat! Check out her blog and you will see why.

Gratitude List
1. Friends who listen and care
2. Godly advice
3. God's perfect plan in spite of my imperfect decisions
4. My daughter who inspires me
5. God's inspiration every single day.


  1. I LOVE that song.. U make this world a HAPPY HAPPY WORLD with all you do!! I sure HATE I am messing out on the U N 52 But I am older than all.. I is 54..:O(
    Next time do a little extra one 4 the Generic group..:O)
    Like I is 54 In 09 and I M still on Line.. HAHAHAHAH
    I Loves you!

  2. The crop sounds like fun and thanks for responding to my tag :D I'll check out the video later though I have to get going to work.

    Ziggy Melissa

  3. Anonymous9:13 AM

    The demo on the circle punch is just what I asked you for....after watching you I now know what I was doing wrong..thanks you made my day is a small small world.
    New stuff.. I would love to get some Cloud 9 rain drops and the embossing punch....
    Debbie #4668

  4. Cindy Brooking #20591:23 PM

    i am looking for the stamps that go with the scalloped punches and the new border punches! i am going to try and go to the fiskateer crop also.

  5. Great video once again. I have this circle punch and like it a lot. I will have to use my USX to cut the 4" circle because like you said it is faster. I am finishing up my Debby's dare for this week.

  6. Great stuff on your blog today Debby! Love that picture, wonderful video and love the layout on that title! Very cool!

  7. Thanks for another great video. Here's a question...when you slide the paper out, for either a circle of a straight line border punch, and you match the pattern up how do you know where to stop & start punching again? I'll be doing fine & then I take my paper out & I have a have a gap that didn't get punched. When I try to put it back in to get that 1 tiny area The places that were done end up getting re-punched & are slightly distorted. That was kind of hard to explain. I hope you know what I'm talking about & can tell me what I need to do differently.

  8. Thanks Debby, for the demo video. I always enjoy stopping by your blog.


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