It Starts Tomorrow!

You cannot believe how excited I am about "All You in 52." I have to tell you what this is NOT. It's not a chronological look at your life. This is not a challenge that asks for your birthday and where you were born. It's not that kind of challenge and book.

My father passed away in 2000. We found a journal no one knew about but was addressed to my mother and all us children. Dad wanted us to know about his childhood. It was not full of dates. It was full of stories and how he felt about people, events in his life, his sadness's and his joys. I was shocked as I went through the book. My dad was special, but all this made him more special to me. I knew how he felt, why he loved, why he hurt and his dreams. What I treasure in this book I have, but even more of a treasure in my father.

Finding this book left me with even more questions, but it was too late. I'm challenged for it not to be too late for me. I want to share with my family and generations to come about me..inside out. Some of the questions I ask will be simple, straightforward. Some of the questions are going to make you think and dig a bit into your memories and heart. Some of the questions will be outright funny. Some of the questions will be about your faith. Most of all the questions will show your family you journey and adventure so far in this life. I am truly excited.

The style which you pick to do this is yours. This is about you. It can be one layout a week or it can be a double page layout. I would encourage you to journal. Hand write, type it on your computer and print it out on scrappy paper, vellum, transparency...however you can get it done. My dad's handwriting and his words very special me than anything.

You can still join the challenge. Email me at Send your full name, address and email. You will not be put on any "list" and I don't sell lists. I will use the information to communicate with you and to send out random RAKs throughout the challenge and I will have your addy to send out a random chosen RAK per week for those who complete their question that week.

Can you tell I'm excited?!?

I don't like going on to the next DARE, until all my RAKs are mailed out. I have one RAK that has not been claimed HERE. If it is not claimed by Fiskars Friday on Thursday it will be re-RAKed! If you know the person that won..let them know please.

Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show
I am to most disappointed puppy right now. My plans were to attend CHA this winter. Due to finances and plans to try and do several other events I had to make a choice. I have to tell you this was certainly a praying moment. I wanted to be there to see everyone I've become so use to seeing everyone I get to meet through the message boards and through Debby's Dare. A funny: during summer CHA someone saw me wearing one of my fun hats and stopped me to ask if I was Debby from Debby's Dare. I laughed to so hard to know that someone knew about Debby's Dare. I'm going to miss the Two Peas Social, I will most certainly and above all miss my Fiskars family, I will miss seeing the crew at Ranger with Wendy Vecchi, Tim Holtz or Stampers Anonymous with Michelle and Ted. And the list could go one. I will miss being able to check out the latest and greatest and place my orders there where I can see and try the products. {{{Big Sigh}}}

Not all is lost. I have exciting plans for 2009! I'll let you know how it is going when I get my calendar set up.

Here's what I've been doing the last few days or so.

News Years Eve with Fiskateer!
Jay didn't make to stay up to the New Year. LOL
I went with Tabitha (my daughter) and Ashley (my other daughter because of the love of my son) to look at wedding dresses. Several times. We found the most beautiful dresses. But they are both still looking. I got to take tons of photos. I'm doing an engagement scrapbook for both of them.
Ashely and Tabitha getting their first glimpse of the choices of flowers
Here's a Fiskateer dress for you! LOL
Gratitude List:
1. All of YOU. the emails, cards, comments and the participation in Debby's Dare makes me give thanks to all of you.
2. Fellowship of Scrapbookers encouragement
3. Fun with Barb and Judy
4. Sudie and her example of strength
5. Always Bob and Ruth
6. God protection on my life, my health and my journey through this life.


  1. Debby, your post really touched me that my own children don't really know me! Thanks for sharing about your dad's journal!

  2. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Who is the winner that you are missing? I can't see where it's posted. It's probably right in front of me. I just want to make sure it's not me or someone I know.

  3. Sondra...I forgot the link. I've added it, but I think I've found them.

  4. I would love to learn more about this challenge you're doing. I know I need to do something just like this.


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