It's Monday and It's All About YOU!

I'm so very excited. You see I get the sneak peek on this one. I'm on the inside of it all. LOL I have really struggled over the direction to take our DARE.

Some things to keep in mind:

***Just because this is the first question, does not mean that it has to be the first page of the book.

***If you miss a week, try hard and catch up. Use my email address if you have questions. I'm pulling for all of us to complete 52 pages of US.

***When you finish your page leave a link in the comment section where we can all go and see YOU. If you do not have a gallery to post in, email me and I'll send you a few recommendations.

***You will see I'm not going to do layouts and questions in a traditional way and I hope I can inspire you to work outside your box as the designer of your memories. The first question is easy, but thoughtful.

***You interpret the question they way you would like to.

Okay, Question 1:

"Who Influenced Your Life the Most?"

I thought this would be an easy question. As I thought about my life there have been many people who have influenced my life. I knew who had influenced my life the most. It is my friend Ruth and my counselor and friend Bob. You know what the hard part was? Journaling. I wrote and rewrote several times before I could get it right. I included some wonderful quotes from them and my love for both of them in my life.

My Angels Ingredients:
"on the dot": pattern paper
Prism: cardstock
Scenic Route: arrow
Kimberly Poloson: Letters
Ranger/Tim Holtz Distress Ink: Corduroy that I used to darken the letter up, and edge the vellum and underlying journaling page.
Tim Holtz: distressing tool
Fiskars: Rotatory Trimmer
Photoshop PSE 7 there and everywhere
Wing, I really don't' know.

Here's a fun part: The journaling block behind the vellum is actually part of the packaging from October Afternoon's scalloped mini-journal. Hey, it works.

The journaling reads:
"It's been a hard journey for me, Bob & Ruth and their influence in my life is immeasurable. Our journey has taken us to the brink of death and to the joy of the Lord. I am alive, loved and unconditionally accepted by Bob & Ruth through faith in God. I "chose," I'm "in the Word" and I "keep on walking" because of them. Bob walks with me to teach me how to live with the knowledge of God's Love. Ruth prays and walks with me through the Word. I would not have been the same person without them."

This week's "All About You in 52" RAK will be randomly drawn from those who complete week one. Remember to post in the comment section of this post. The RAK will be a set of "on the dot" paper line. It is truly amazing.

Okay, I can not wait for the layouts to come pouring in. I will draw a name for the RAK next Monday when I post the next question.

As soon as I hear from the RAK winner of the Cloud 9 transparencies I will start our next DARE for everyone. I did find their blog and left them a message, so soon I hope!!!

So know we have two regular dates you and I. All About You in 52 on Mondays and Fiskars Friday on Thursday on Thursday. Of course I'm going to be sneaking in and out throughout the week.

Gratitude List
1. Ruth and Bob
2. Jimmy, my husband
3. God's creation denoting His creativity that is part of you and me
4. A warm toasty day
5. God giving Adam and Tabitha the right person to complete them.


  1. Wow, that's a really thought provoking question! I'm going to have to think hard on this one. Have a great day

  2. Great question Debby! Love that you have made me think so early in the morning! :)

  3. Your new face lift is awesome! The LO is very nice! Enjoy your day!

  4. Linda B1:18 PM

    I signed up via email, but not on your web page. I am in. I am looking forward to this activity. Thanks for the idea and the push to scrap about me.

  5. I love that layout. So thought provoking!!!! I sat and thought who I would pick. the layout is beautiful and makes you think!!!

  6. I'm gonna do this! Thanks, Deb.

  7. Hi, thanks for putting on this challenge.. to journal about me. I'm going to much as I can. I have a lot of scrapping goals.. and I think this will help me..

    Happy Monday!

  8. Love your new banner with the buttons!

  9. I did it! My layout is in my gallery at As I understand it, anyone can look, but you have to login to comment. Here's the link:
    Thanks, Debby!

  10. Thanks for the question and the motivation to write about things that are important to me. Check it out at Http://

  11. Hey! Having issues, just turn your head to the side to see it. :-)
    Shannon S

  12. I finished mine today. . .the journaling was the hardest part and it is very small so I don't think you can read it. . . 1 done 51 to go.

    You can find it here:

  13. Thanks so much for this challenge!!
    My LO is here

  14. will be working on this page tomorrow & will update on Saturday- Great idea; will give my kids some insight as to the real ME.


  15. Thanks for a thought provoking challenge right off the back Debby!
    Here is a link to the post today on my blog for week 1

  16. I have to tell you Debby...this is the hardest LO I have ever done...the journaling was has needed to be done for 30 years, and now it finally is, Thank you so much for this Challenge..
    You can view my LO in my blog at : or at at:
    I hope everyone looking will leave a comment, this is my most meaningful LO to date.

  17. I didn't get very deep in my journaling...I think I'm really afraid to go there! :-) But this is a start and I thank you for it!

    Can't wait to see what you've got for week 2!

  18. Anonymous1:04 AM

    Here's mine...

  19. Anonymous1:25 AM

    btw mine says...
    "Who influenced your life the most? My Grandmothers. Granny exuded wholesomeness and Grandma emanates a sense of wonderment still. The best part of each of them is what I believe to be the best parts of me. If not, it’s what I want to be.

  20. I agree that this was a topic that took a little thinking. I have finished my journaling and posted it on my blog.
    hoping to have time to do the layout at a crop next weekend.

  21. What a great question to start with! The answer for me was easy but such a difficult layout for me to do. My most influential person was my Gram and she died 14 months ago. She was my anchor and I feel as if I have been drifting since she died. Thank you Debby for this challenge - I was finally able to do a layout about the single most important person in my life. I cried a lot, laughed a little, and the memories just have flooded my world since I started. It's felt so good for me to take this step in the process to grieve the loss of my Gram and to start preserving my memories of her. Here's the link to my layout. I chose to do 8x8 layouts for this project.

  22. Thanks Debby ,, here is the link to my week 1 Lo..

  23. Hey Debbie, I have finished my layout and will post it to the Fiskars board as that's all I have. Thanks for the prod.

  24. Here is the cover of my album and the 1st layout. The journaling is inside the little hand stitched book.

  25. Hi Debbie, my layout about my Aunt Sue is now up on the Fiskars Gallery. Thanks for the push, I'd never thought of how she influenced my life until your question! Thanks again

  26. Debby-here is my take on the challenge-crooked journaling and all. I'm only posting to Fiskateers blog since I'm having some anonymous mean posters on my blog...

    KateB F#4529


    I made it with 7 minutes to spare, lol!

  28. Well its 11:30 with dh being gone most of the week, and a sick baby girl I didnt get a hole lot of time to get this done but it is and her is the link. I will take a better picture in the am and I will have to retype the journaling and put it in my description cuse It just wasnt photographing well.

  29. I still plan on doing this but don't know when or how. :p

    What is this week's prompt?

  30. A great thought provoking question!! My answer is the first people who popped in my mind when that question was read. Here is my LO:

  31. I haven't taken a photo of my page yet, but I did want to mention that I completed my first week's challenge and am looking forward to working on Week #2!

  32. I'm running behind, but planning to do the first and second pages today. I wanted to make them into a deck of cards, but I'm afraid they would be too small to show much detail. Oh well! They'll still be fun.

    I have a blog if you'd like to link my name to it on the 52 list (I noticed that others had theirs connected.) The address is:


  33. I hope I'm doing this right. I just started this challenge, so I have some catching up to's my first one.

  34. Dawn R11:51 AM

    Okay, it took a while to find the pics I wanted (and I never did find one specific photo that I wanted, but left room for it)! But I'm done the layout for the first week's question.
    You can see it at my blog!

  35. Debbie, I just found you, and I am gonna spend the weekend getting caught up, I am soooooo excited!!


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