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This has been a journey and we've only just begun. I know I've done much deep soul thinking. Those are the things my children do not know about me. The date of weddings, birthdays,, etc. are all things in general are easy to write down or your children just know. What's inside, tings that would be surprising about you is what we are searching for.

I'm amazed at the honesty and depth of you answers to these questions. For the husband and wife teams that are recording their history is awesome. I know what a challenge some of these questions are since I'm participating in the challenge myself.

A surprise for me is the journaling. I'm incredibly surprised how much I love doing the journaling and being creative about getting it on a page.

I'm excited for all of you that have been doing the challenge each week and those who work hard to catch up. You can still join and just start from today's question. Email me and I'll put your name on the WALL.

Question 4
What 7 Decisions Changed the Course of your Life?

Journaling reads:

I decided between Marriage and Collage
I decided to be married (love, ya’ know?). We came from different worlds and mine forever changed.

I decided not to Stand Still
I decided “No never hurt. If you don’t ask you never have possibilities.” I was no longer the “wall flower,” but the “go getter.”

I decided in my teens about Faith
Fatalism was the rage. “What will be will be.” As a teen I decided my faith is in a Living God that cares about me and where life leads me.

I decided to Ride My Bike with my friends
I went bike riding with friends when I was about 10 years old. One of the boys decided to kiss and run. Life has never been the same as I discovered “boys.”

I decided to Move
1985 I decided that we needed to be our own family. We needed time to be “us” and not his family and my family. Tennessee is where I went to college and became a leading teacher in our church.

I decided to Not Think
I made a quick, rash, life altering decision that nearly destroyed my life. God was with me and still comforts and cares for me every minute. Repercussions will be forever. My life changed. Not always pleasant for me, but I’ve experienced the sovereignty of God through it all.

I decided to Join the Fiskateers
That one decision changed the course of my life and career. Being part of Fiskateers has brought people into my life that has enriched me and added so much to life.

Ingredients for "to everything turn ..turn.turn.."

Pattern Paper, Kaiser Craft
Title: Grungeboard, Making Memories tiny alphas
Ghost Bird, Heidi Swapp
Wood flourish and rhinestones, Kaiser Craft
Inks, alcohol inks and Black Soot distressing inks by Ranger Inks
Punch, Fisakrs Embossing Border Punch, Sunburst
PSE for photo correction
Make sure to leave a link to your project in this post. I put the question with link in the right column and at the top of each post I do. So it should be easy to find the original post.

This week the RAK is a book to document those dates, times and places. That is important also.

Winner of Week 3's All About You Challenge is
Congratulations, send me your snail mail. I'm heading to the post office Wednesday morning to get several RAKs out the door.

I loved your response to the Fiskars Friday on Thursday post. You given me some great ideas on demo-ing other tools. And some of you have some problems that need to be addressed. I will do my best and if I don't know I ask a Fiskars engineer for answers.

Me (FOY), Meghan (FOY), and Sudie (Nifty Fifty) all for Fiskateers, is planning a blast of a Fiskateer Crop in Greenville, SC. The date is not set yet but we are shooting for May before the children get out of school. If you have not responded yet that you are very interested please leave a comment with your Fiskateer number. We have people form Georgia, Tennessee, Virgina, North Carolina and South Carolina all wanting to be there. It sounds like a big party in the making.
My schedule is so full this week.

1. creating my next class for a lss at the lss this morning
2. Greenville visit tomorrow
3. Errand Day
4. AC Moores demo I hope
5. Greenville for CFD training
6. Mega blowout for Fiskars at JoAnn's in August, GA
7. New Pastor's first day at our church.

Wowizer. But isn't exciting what God brings your way.

Gratitude List
1. God's strength
2. My husband who endures my computer work
3. my father, even though he has passed away I know he is with me always
4. Cooler weather (kills the bugs so it's not so bad in the Spring)
5. God guiding my life and path each day.


  1. You sure know how to make a person think! I'm so glad we have a week to do these, it takes me all week to think about them and then get them on paper!
    Your doing a fantastic job on this Debby!

  2. Yeah, What Rhonda said! And this week we've got all the other challenges to do too! I don't think I've ever had a busier weekend, scrapping wise! But I'm loving every minute of it! Thanks Debby, I love these challenges. They make me really think!

  3. Journaling has always been so very important to your thought provoking questions.

  4. Wow Debbie!! I'm writing this question down in a little notebook and will carry it with me this week. It's occured to me how much I wish I had a journal or scrapbook that my mother made. My kids won't have that problem!!

  5. I am going to join this challenge! I am even going to try to get all 4 challenges done, and not just to start where we are. I think my kids will really appreciate this some day. My name is Sarah Mullen and my email is galtscrapper (at) yahoo (dot) com.

    I've been wanting to do an About Me book, so hopefully, this will be the catalyst. Thank you.


  6. Okay... been working on the journaling, and am happy to report that it's done for weeks 1-4. Now... for pictures. That part won't be so easy for some of this. I might just have to go with non picture layouts or something. I'll try to figure something out.

  7. oh wow I have some catching up to do! I love the LO and the journaling is awesome! I could think of quiet a few things tugging at me that I could put on there.

    You've got a lot going on too! Have fun with it.

    Ok I have to say cooler weather doesn't kill the bugs. :( I know I wish but I know cause one there's plenty of bugs in here :p and the others are hiberenating and waiting for Spring to hatch.

  8. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Week 4...
    Journaling says...
    What 7 Decisions Changed the Course of your Life?
    To not tell took me down a really dangerous trail
    To get married to my soul mate
    To have children brought blessings beyond measure
    To be baptized in the Holy Spirit (can’t be explained, only experienced)
    To become a member of Redemption World Outreach Center
    To, in one moment, give it all up and then immediately begin a long struggle to survive
    To live like I am dying

  9. Great challenge Debby -here is my page for this challenge. It look a while because it was thought provoking.

  10. Check out weeks 3 and 4 at

  11. I'm still carrying my notebook around. I've had a busy week too, and this has been a tough one for me. I'm not giving up on it, I'll save a space on the blog for when it is done, but it's not gonna be this week! You're a tough taskmaster Debbie.;)

  12. Ok Debby, I've got my lo up on my blog
    I'm gonna go now and finally watch your video on round punches! I don't own one, cause I'm afraid of them! Not really, I just need to see how to use them. You do these video's so well! I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that! Thanks so much

  13. Okay I got mine done today so I made this weeks. I thought I was going to mess up and did not want to do that so soon into the year.

    It is here:

  14. You can find mine on my blog:

  15. Finally got mine done. These challenges make you think so much!

  16. Finally got a little time to do mine...I spent all week thinking about it, and trying to mimimalize the journaling, cuz I could have wrote a book.
    It's posted on my blog
    I haven't had a chance to go look at everyone's , but I will...
    any tips on getting to the ones posted in the fiskateers group..I haven't been having luck leaving love for them.

  17. I found 7 decisions but only gave credit to 2 because they were MAJOR decisions.

    Layout is posted on my blog. Thanks Debby!

  18. this was an easy one


    Week 4, fini!

  20. Now you have me cheating! I'm so far behind. I've finished the LO/concept, but the journaling is going to take some time. So I've posted what I've got so far, just to help keep me motivated! :)

  21. Yay! I'm back! My computer crashed and I havent' been able to digi-scrap for a MONTH! So, now I have to catch up! Here is the link to questions 3&4:

  22. Here's my week 4:

  23. So totally forgot to post, but here are weeks 4-7.

  24. trying my best to get caught up - here's the response to this question.

  25. I know I'm way behind, but this layout in particular was really difficult for me. You can view my submission for week 4 at

  26. I'm really late on this one, but I finally did it. This was a hard one:


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