It's 2009 with Fiskars Friday on Thursday

Is it still Thursday??? I've spent most of the day trying to get Fiskars Friday on Thursday uploaded to youtube. I'm a bit frustrated with my own lack of technical knowledge. Oh, well I'll keep trying.

Several items before Fiskars Friday on Thursday.

My first class with The Stamping Place is up on the website. Yeah, I love it. The price which they haven't added yet is $25.00. It totally rocks. We are using Basic Greys new BitterSweet and Lil' Davis embellishments. We will play with Fiskars tools and Studio 490 stamps. Yeah! The Stamping Place has all things Fiskars! They carry the Studio 490 Stamps!! You got to just come shop if nothing else.

I will be holding Certified Fiskars Demonstrator training in the Greenville, South Carolina area at the end of January. Send me an email if you would like to participate. The training is free.

Mary NSC says I need a calendar. So I'm going to be working on that in the next few days.

Since I try hard to do Fiskars Friday on Thursday, out All About You in 52 will post each Monday. There is still time to sign up by sending me an email. Also when you complete a project you will need to come back to Debby's Dare and post in the comment section where your layout is at. Uploading to the Fiskateer site will only allow Fiskateers to view, so if you have an alternative gallery please use that. If you have no gallery to show us your layout, let me know and if enough people need some sort of gallery I'll try and create one just for this challenge.

I guess you want a winner for my last RAK of 2008. Well, here goes.........

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:22
Timestamp: 2009-01-02 01:14:37 UTC
Scrappy Rat said...
Hi Debbie! I can't believe what a fantastic prize you have for a lucky winner (who I hope, of course, will be me. :)) I'm also looking forward to the 52 Weeks of You challenge, but that's a separate email. Happy New Year from Veronica!Fiskateer #1135
Emil me your full name and address and I'll get it shipped out asap. There is going to be some fun RAKs on Debby's Dare thorughout 2009. Here's a view of my studio and an indication of more BIG RAKs to come.
Alright, Here is Fiskars Friday on Thursday (8:35 pm EST LOL)

Gratitude List:
1. Health
2. Loving Friends like my Sudie
3. Patience....screaming all the while
4. Learning to Trust
5. God's unyielding love
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding and in all your ways acknowledge Him."--year verse


  1. Thanks for the video Debby. I really like the book in general but I especially like how you did the edge with the 2 sheets of paper.

  2. Merlene #11669:43 PM

    Love the way you did the borders on your book Debbie! The white accents the pretty border so well.

  3. Anonymous11:39 PM

    I love the white edge. What a simple concept that packs such a punch!

  4. Love the edge look you got. I have another tip with the Fiskars USX and doing edges if you don't mind I will put up on my blog for next Friday.Let me know. As always I will post your link on my blog so all my viewers can come and see. Thanks again for another great video.

  5. O I just Love that LOOK!!!
    U so SMART!!


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