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Hi bloggers!  I've been MIA for a few days.  I'm working hard on CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) trade show that is coming up in just a few weeks.  My final deadline is today and I have several items to complete.  This is my first CHA to have projects displayed so I'm learning more about how it all works.  My journey is taking me to all parts of this crafty world.

I wanted to ask you about SMASH books.  Have you seen these or even own one?  K&Co produces these books.  The idea is to have a book to put anything into.  Do you have ideas?  SMASH it.  Do you have a magazine or newspaper clipping?  SMASH it. 

I'm just not sure about the book.  I have this bright idea that I would like to SMASH my High School scrapbook.  I had kept a scrapbook throughout my High School years.  It was really a SMASH book in a large size.  The books deteriorated, but I keep the memorabilia.  I love the idea of putting everything back into a book without "scrapbooking."  I really don't want page protectors.  I want to be able to flip things over.

Here are a few photos of my High School memorabilia:

Here's my question?  How can I make a SMASH book?  The one that K&Co. sells is not tall enough.  Leave a comment with your suggestion and I'll choose one that I will use and I would love to send that person a Fiskars Butterfly Border Punch.  If you have more than one suggestion leave a separate comment.  This will not be a random drawing, but rather I will choose the suggestion that I can use for my project. 

I'm back to the craft table for a bit more scrapping for CHA!

Have a Crafty Weekend!

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  1. Make your Smashbook and stashbust at the same time! It's going to be YOURS so all that "special" paper you've been hoarding should have a home in it. You can bind it either with o wires or giant rings (depending on how much you need to smash. Oh, and I'd throw in some glassine pockets to hold stuff for good measure! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. i need to look into this book further!!! sounds totally interesting!!

  3. okay how about buying one of those large water colour packets of paper, or two or three and using a Bind-It All to bind them together. one of my favorite new things to work on is watercolour paper as it allows me to use a lot of different mediums on it and doesn't warp like plain paper.

  4. opps.. sorry me again!!
    and the pocket idea from scrapfaire is a fantastical idea but may i also suggest perhaps using your papers (the ones in the first pic) as pockets as well.. that way nothing is wasted. oh and or you could sew them in...

    okay so now i need to make one of these!!!

  5. ack! I need to look into this. No help from me.

  6. Have you ever seen junk journals? That's what I thought of the first time I saw the smash book. Here are a couple of links:



    Be sure to keep scrolling down the page on the second link. It is a series of entries.

    Anyway, the idea is to add anything at all, that matters to you. Now, here is the challenge (but also it is something you can work on while babysitting): try to remember what mattered to you in high school. Did you doodle on your notebook covers? Did you pass notes? Did you wear skirts and dresses or were you brave enough to wear jeans. Tie all of this into your smash book. Decorate one page with doodles, one with denim, one with notebook paper and fake notes, etc. Then add pockets, clips, anything at all to help store the memorabilia. I see some envelopes in your picture, glue the flap to the page (if it isn't part of the memory) and put a ticket stub or something inside the pocket.

    OK, I'm pretty excited about this now. Do you want me to come over and create this for you? LOL! What a great adventure you will have creating this book. Have fun!

  7. I did all of my high school stuff in a 12X15 CM book~it has page protectors but you could leave those off. I love how it came out~looks like a SB not a photo album. I know what ever you decide it will be awesome. can't wait to see it!! We need to talk somemore~next week?

  8. So what about a bind it all book? Or making a ribbon bound book with that blanket binding technique? You could make it any size you like-just choose your chipboard and go to town. Talk about easy flippin the page!

  9. How about digging up an oldie but a goodie technique: an altered book. You could "rescue" an old book from a thrift store and cover, stamp and paint the pages. Pages can be removed so your book is not too thick. I always see several larger books at the thrift store that can be had for a dollar or two.

  10. What a great idea! How about a spiral bound drawing/sketch book like this:

    You could get creative making a cover for it, too!

  11. How big does it need to be? Can you take an accounting journal and take it apart to have the same look but bigger? Or chipboard make to look the same with binding tape on the ends? I remember seeing 3 ring binders kind of like this... check the office supply store... always find great things for scrappin' in there... good luck! Totally love the book....

  12. I always love your blog posts but never always get to post a comment but hope this makes up for it....

    I have given you a blog award see my blog for details

  13. Debby,

    This book does seem like the way to go. I am thinking with the taller papers that will not fit on the pages of the SMASH book you can put envelopes toward the bottom of the page and fold the paper so enough of it is left out to see what it is and make you want to pull it out and look at it again. No RAK for me, I loved the butterfly punch the minute I saw it and bought it right then! The lucky winner will love the one you send them!

  14. I like some of the ideas and the links everyone is giving,Deb,I'm even gonna check some of them out.
    Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  15. The girls and I made our own Smash books by decorating composition books for the summer. Otherwise, how about using a sketch pad, or creating your own with a bindit all or another book making product that is available.

  16. Although I love the the original Smash book, I decided to go with a 3 ring binder-type of album. They come in various sizes. I choose the 8 1/2x11 by American crafts. It has a chipboard front with a stripe of color down the sides and spine. Yeah!! I can decorate it any way I choose. Also, I have the option to use page protectors or not; in addition, I can use various sizes ie: 6x6, etc. I can't wait to get started!

    I love the idea of all those special momentos that you want to treasure, Debby!

    Best Wishes with all of your CHA projects! Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. I skimmed the suggestions so far to see if this idea has been said already, so if it has, sorry.

    I use an 8.5x11 spiral notebook (the old school Mead kind) to smash clippings and ideas for my scrapbooking. It was my way of clearing out the numerous craft magazines. It's great.

    If that's not tall enough, I'll think more on it.

  18. I would use a Bind-It-All. You can get the bindings up to 12 inches tall, and you can always cut it apart to make a space in the middle and have a taller book.

    If it was me, I think I would make the pages (not all the same, whatever struck me at the moment for size or shape) and then bind them together at the end. You always end up needing a wider binding than anticipated.


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