Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should

Well, for those who often complain that we (those who scrapbook and blog) only bring out their best work I have a treat in store for them.  LOL  Before I get into the "oops" of the day, I want to announce the winner of the Glue Dots Adhesives Dot n Go.
sandyh50 said...
What a lovely layout! I like the ease with which you used the applicator. I like the fact that I can still put down just one glue dot too! Thanks for the chance!
Congrats Sandy.  Please send your address to DebbysDare@gmail.com.

The Story
I've been working on layouts to be framed and hung in my dinning room.  I've made one for each member of the family.  I only have two to go:  my daughter and her husband and me and Jim.  I was trying to do mine and Jim's using mostly older products with a few exceptions.  Just because you can cut, add embellishments, and add journaling/sub-titles doesn't mean you should do.  Needless to say this is not going up on my walls.  I can't even bring myself to tear it up and start again.

The Other Story
The first picture is our engagement photo taken by our own hometown photographer Lamar Studios.  They second photo was taken  maybe 10 years ago at church by Olin Mills.  I wanted to depict the years we've traveled together.

The Layout

Boy, Did I Learn
  • Go back and read the past "What I Learned" before attempting this style of layout.  I wish I had.
  • Too many embellishments.  I couldn't stop.  Good grief.  It detracts from the photos. 
  • I love the use of the old clock face by Heidi Swapp.  I love what I did with it, but again the embellishments overshadow it. 
  • Too many sub-titles.  I kept finding things that I want to say to Jimmy and the family.  One title, one subtitle from now on.
  • I cut up a lot of paper before deciding that these were the Graphic 45 images I wanted to use.  I was so indecisive about what I wanted I cut out too many.  I will use it later but I don't like doing that.
  • I'm not crazy about the title colors.  This was from an old K&Company line and I wanted to use it.  Nay, not a good thing in this layout.
  • More is not better and less can be just as powerful.
  • When you are finished with your layout be satisfied in the process.
  • Have fun!
Well, this is my "oops" moment and usually I don't dare post an "oops," but I thought what better way to learn than to make an "oops!"

Are you going to CHA or will you hang out at home and get involved in some online crop during the show?  Me?  I'm hanging out here.  This is the first time in awhile I haven't attended Summer CHA.  I'm feeling a little left out.  I'm shooting for the winter show.

Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List
1.  my Little Honey's smile
2.  friends who laugh, love me despite my shortcoming, and pray for me
3.  my wonderful, understanding husband
4.  the adventures I've had and the ones still to come
5.  God's gift to me of the life He chose for me to live


  1. I like your layout! It was hard to read the title but overall my eye was drawn especially to the clock and your engagement picture. It looks like it was fun to do. Thanks for drawing my name, I will email you!

  2. I love the idea behind the layout. I think it is great to do a then and now showing as the time went by. I love a lot in it but I agree about the title (hard to see). Yeah, maybe too many little clocks. Hey...at least you learned from your mistake and let us see it so we don't make the same one. Thanks for posting. I think that should be my new moto: Just because you can don't mean you should....LOL.

  3. I know pictures of our projects don't always show it well enough, but I do not agree with you about this layout. Is this your best and destined for a wall hanging, maybe not, but it's current and trendy and my eye went straight to the pictures. The HS clock is perfect and the theme is excellent. This should certainly go in your album, at least.

  4. I think everyone has Lo's that are not our favorites are don't turn out like we thought~I know i do. When I first looked at the LO my eye went to the blue flower enbellishment first then the clocks~this is by know means a bad Lo !!

  5. Thanks for sharing your layout...even if it wasn't your favorite! Great Idea for a wall layout to have past pictures included! -Amanda

  6. Now you know what you liked & didn't like take 2 should be easy. ;) Thanks for sharing & helping us to learn from your mistakes.You had some very good tips to share.
    Congrats to Sandy!
    Sorry to hear that you won't be going to cha. I'll be doing the Fiskateer online crop.

  7. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Thanks for sharing. I think more people should share their less-than-pefect layouts, especially if they have cute stories behind them.

  8. You should have more people who don't do LO's look at your work because I think it is really good! I love the embellies.... but like I said, I do cards and alter items, never have done a LO. It is always good to keep growing and learning through. Just another rason I like you so much!


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