The winner from last Friday's blog post:  I chose to go with the Watercolor paper.  The paper is sturdy and sort of a egg shell white.  It has a slight texture.  I don't have a bind-it-all, but one of the local scrapbook stores has a Cinch.  Thank you everyone for all the ideas.  I will be incorporating several of them to the "smash" book.  The winner is: 
Missusg said...
okay how about buying one of those large water colour packets of paper, or two or three and using a Bind-It All to bind them together. one of my favorite new things to work on is watercolour paper as it allows me to use a lot of different mediums on it and doesn't warp like plain paper.
Congratulations.  Send your snail mail address to Debby'sDare@gmail.com.

Back to the not-so-cutesy layouts.  LOL  This layout is very experimental for me.  I'm learning how to use Tim Holtz's Kraft Resist Paper.  It is really wonderful, but I want to pop the resist designs more.  This is also my first time using Tim's Glassine.  Talk about a wonderful tear.  I love the texture when you embossing the Glassine.  Lots a fun.

The Story
This is me and my brother when we lived in Bangor, Maine.  The photo brought back a lot of memories.  Like, me and Scott would bring critters home from school, proud to give them to Mom.  Mom didn't care for a pocket full of Lady Bugs (me) and a pocket of garden snakes (Scott).  We loved walking through the woods on our way home.  Scott was at the right age to get into a lot of adventures.  Some I can share here, some not!  LOL  I can't share about how one morning before everyone got up Scott decided he wanted to play on the playground which was a long area in back of the military housing.  Me and Dad went looking for him when we got up.  Mom a bit upset.  I found him at the end of the playground, on the see saws, in only his underwear.  Nope, can't share that one. 

The Layout

What I Learned
  • Ink the Kraft Resist then spritz it with water in the mini-mister.  It helps to bring out the Resist.
  • Tear, emboss, stamp, ink the Glassine.  There are not many tutorials out on the internet.  I found one on Tim's blog that showed the different uses of Glassine.  I didn't know if I would like this medium, but I really do. 
  • Michael's Arts and Crafts have the Making Memories   Bravissimo ridiculously marked down.  I picked up several items.  All the ribbon I used to make the collage at the bottom was from one   Bravissimo  And I still have the metal center and two floret's. 
  • When I go to the craft store I need to remember my Paint Dabber, Snow Cap.  I've been out of Snow Cap for several weeks.  I would have rather have painted the letters white.
  • It's taking me a bit to get back in the swing of "not so cutsy" layouts. 
  • I used Glue Dots® Adhesives to adhere all my paper, photo, and elements.  Craft Dots are idea for all types of ribbon, metal embellishments an even chipboard letters. 
I had all sorts of fun making this layout.

A Funny
My husband and I went to the Lexington County Peach Fesiveille.  We love looking at the antique cars.  It was the funnest thing that a truck just like Jimmy had in High School.  We dated in that truck, he proposed to marriage in that truck, and we rode t the hospital in that truck to deliver our first child.  Can this be funnier?!

Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List
1.  being with Little Honey again
2.  Jacob's big heart when it comes to Little Honey
3.  God's provision of jobs for my family
4.  You
5.  God's healing hand and might protection of Uncle Max. 


  1. awesomeness for sure~I have never heard of that paper ~

  2. make sure you share your smash book with us!

  3. wonderful lo and I haven't heard of that paper either. I also smell a s/b page coming on that truck!!!


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