I finally finished my little advice book for Adam and Vanessa that was started on their Wedding Day! The wedding came fast but I wanted to do something special. The night before I picked out my Making Memories notebook pads. Once I was at the wedding and setting up I put the notes around the gift table. During the reception people gave their advice to the happy couple. I tried to do something unique to make it into a book. They said they liked it and that's what I'm hanging on it. LOL

I hope you enjoy.

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Gratitude List
1. strength for the next few days
2. determination, not stubbornness
3. my family
4. Adam who is always full of Christmas ideas
5. God, who deserves my thanksgiving everyday


  1. Hi Debbie - this book is beautiful! The bride is lovely and the groom is dashingly handsome. What a wonderful keepsake for them. TY for sharing it.


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