All About You in 52, Week 46

My Great-Grandma Yates worked. She worked on keeping her home clean which was no small feat with there were no “Swiffers” but rather a bucket of well water and a scrub brush. Wash clothes with no washing machine! You get the picture. She raised her children. She worked in the fields, milked the cows…fed, collected eggs, even killed, cleaned and cooked the chicken! Great Great’s job was harder than any job I ever held.

Great Grandma Yates

My Grandmother Thomas did the same. She had 11 children to raise in a then 2 bedroom (a little later three bedroom) cabin. She did all the above jobs and sewed their quilts for warmth, sewed their clothes and kept them patched up, cooked three full meals a day and kept everything spotless. In a cabin on a farm this was no small feat. After the children grew up, Grandma took a job in the local shirt factory and was a band knife operator. She was the best. It was the only time Grandma worked outside of her home.

My Grandma Thomas

My Mother worked along side her mother to learn everything about raising a family. When she married and had my brother and sister and ME she took care of our home and cooked every meal, kept the cleanest house, made our clothes, even ironed the sheets. Mom worked very hard. I remember Mom worked in a local hospital for a little bit when we lived in Maine. After I was married and gone Mom went to school and became an RN and work in the local hospital as a cardiac care nurse. It was hard, heavy work as well has having to be sharp every second. Mom worked hard at both her jobs.

My Mom

Me? Well I’m not a great cook, but I can and love to make new dishes. Cleaning? I can but sometimes crafting is more fun. I’m still raising my 16-year-old son, but my others are grown now. I remember violin recitals, kindergarten programs, 4-H projects, teachers’ conferences, soccer; many church activities … mom had a taxi! I worked outside the home more than my mother, her mother and her mother.


As a teenager I worked the fields and then got a job where Grandma worked in the shirt factory. I’ve done a lot and like my mom went back to school to create for myself opportunities for a career. Actually, I’ve had several but all enhanced by my education. I have met and worked with some great people that have made my life an adventure.


What Job or Jobs Have You Had
Through Your Life?

My Answer

"Work: It’s what we Do!

In my 50 years I’ve held so many jobs. Jimmy on the other had has held 3 jobs in his life. All 3 were in different states.

I’ve worked the tobacco fields as a teenager, Van Huesen shirt factory working the press, two different day care centers, Olen Mills, teacher’s assistant, assistant for the doctoral studies dean, Ministry Teams Director and professor at Columbia International University, Financial Aid assistant director at the University of South Carolina, KFC, substitute teacher at Gilbert elementary, now owner of Debby’s Dream Studio and teaching Paper crafting. Wow...I’m glad for my adventuresome life. "

Pattern Paper: Making Memories Chloe’s Collection
Letters: Thickers, red felt (see DDStudio)
Flowers: Prima
Flowers and Leaf pins: Making Memories Findings
Transparency: Making Memories Chole’s Collection
Tools:  Fiskars Rotary Trimmer
Okay this week’s All About You in 52 RAK goes to ……..Michelle!  Way to go and keep it alive Michelle.  I know you are going to have one great book and keepsake.

It’s time to sign up for our 52 Week Dare Ya “Homemade Families.” You can read more about it at this post. Some people are asking what if I don’t have 52 recipes? It’s okay. This is informal; it’s what you make it to be. It is suppose to be fun and a way to document a big portion of our life and our family life: family meals. Whatever form that takes from fast food, good old family reunions, picnics, camping, formal events. Our lives revolve around food. It’s time we scrapbook these time and hopefully preserve many recipes.

Debby’s Dream Studio has had a great deal of new products added to the store including…

A New Foundation from Fancy Pants.

We also have a new guest designer and I’ll be introducing her in the week or so. Hold on to your hats you are going to love her and her style.

It is going to be a Christmas RAK week, so I’m going to announce Wednesday a way you can win a Christmas RAK!

Gratitude List
1. Focus
2. great attitude in the face of everything falling apart
3. God’s strength
4. God’s patience with me
5. God’s work in the life of my children and their families


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    Wow what an amazing site !! I feel like I know you so well after reading only this entry!!

  2. Love the stories of the work the women in your family and you have done. Great idea for a layout, I can't wait to make one for myself.

  3. Love your page Debby I will send you my address and I have so enjoyed this journey with you.

  4. Got mine done for the week. .. thanks a great question for sure.

  5. Haven't done this week's yet, but here are some catch up pages I finally finished:

  6. Debby I did it . here is my link to my week 46 of your dare.. TFL mariah 2457


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