All About You in 52, Week 47


I have so many stories that only I can tell. Stories about me and about my family. Whether you journal or scrapbook tell stories that only you can tell.

Since we are moving into a very busy two weeks with Thanksgiving, Friday Sales, friends and parades I going to give you the prompts for this week and next week. Post your link for this week on this post. Wait until I post next week’s answer to post your link on that post.

Jimmy and I were a comedy team when we first became parents. Neither of us knew what we were doing. I am thankful to God for Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles. Tabitha did well to survive her first year. LOL She did turn out beautiful inside and out.

Question 47
Tell A Story Only You Can Tell That Is Funny.

Question 48
Tell A Story About Something You Kept Secret From Your Parents At The Time.
Aka: Did you runaway, break something, etc.

My Answer to Week 47


Tabitha Lynne, our firstborn. All was new and exhausting. Tabitha had a problem with drinking regular baby formula. She would drink her milk and throw it up. It took both of us to deal with it until the doctors found a solution. We were very tired. Neither of us got much sleep.

It was 2 am and Tabby was hungry and crying. I rocked while Jimmy was in the kitchen warming her bottle on the stove. Tabby was crying louder. I asked Jim what was taking so long. He had fallen asleep leaning on the countertop. Quickly he reached over to pull the bottle out of boiling water to discover he had placed a 2-liter (glass with metal cap) of Dr. Pepper in the water. If Tabitha had not been crying so hard it would have been funny.

Now we laugh and are thankful the bottle did not explode!

Paper: Glitz Design (Debby’s Dream Studio), Jenni Bowlin (DDS)
Flowers: Glitz Design (DDS)
Frame: Glitz Design Vintage (DDS)
Title: American Craft Thickers
Numbers: Jenni Bowling (DDS)
Tools: Fiskars Rotary Trimmer and Micro Tip Scissors

This week’s winner is Scrappy Rat. Veronica, you have been working hard on catch up. I can’t wait to see the finished book. Send me an email with your address.

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Gratitude List
1. being productive
2. my daughter-in-laws, and soon to be son-in-law
3. for breath and life
4. provision of food and a home
5. God in His mercy loves me


  1. Oh this is going to be a hard one for me...

  2. ooo goodness.. what a story to share lol
    that is a great challenge!!

  3. Great story, Debby! Also, I love the advice book--it turned out great!

  4. here is my story for your week 47 dare..I love your story, I had to giggle, and I believe that he was that tired... because that's how I felt sometimes.. here is the link to my story...TFL...

  5. okay I did not notice that there were two weeks of questions I was really sick so if you do not mind I did week 48 and I will do question 47 this week.

    I do not know where my head is this week. . .

    I can take it down if you want!

  6. Debby I really have had a bad week I will post the link again next week after I get my next page done!


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