All About You in 52, Week 45

Debby’s Dream Studio is at Simply Me, Donna Downey’s blog, Tuesday (today) for a grand giveaway.

I went to look up my birth date specifics and found several treasures. One was my baby book. I found cards sent to me at my birth announcement, a clipping of my hair, a receipt where mom and dad “paid for me” for $150.00. Don’t you wish that’s all it cost to have a baby today! I found more photos and my dad slipped me some money. Granted it is all in Yens!

I do know this. I’m a “female,” “white,” my dad was 24 and my mom was 21 when I was born. I now have my street address where my first home was located. Dr. Morgan delivered me. It was fun to know these “Facts” about me. I know about my mom’s birth, but I don’t know much about dad’s as his original birth certificate was lost in a courthouse fire. No main frames and computers back when he was born. They recreated a new one with “what they thought” was the Facts!

Of all we have done in All About You in 52 we have not covered the very FACTS of who, what, where and when of YOU.


What are the Vital Statistics of Your Birth?

My Answer

(not a great photo today...Ida is making it hard to get a photo in the natural light!)

My journaling is hidden. I actually scanned my birth certificate and placed it under the photo and attached a pull-tab. Since I don’t think it is wise to give everyone everything including my birth certificate I’m not going to share my journaling this week!

Pattern Paper: ChatterBox artsy.licious –“in Bloom” fine paper goods (Debby’s Dream Studio)
Hand crocheted ribbon by Mom, Mikki Perkins
Lettering: Thinkers from American Crafts, Daiquiri; My Little Shoebox Alphabet stickers, Rose
Flowers: Maya Road
Hinge: Making Memories
Words and Little Girl: Etcetera by Pro-Craft
Rhinestone: in the floral section of Hobby Lobby
Swivel Clasp: Tim Holtz Idea-ology

Mary you are going to receive the RAK this week. I can’t wait to see your book! I’ve seen other layouts in various areas of the Internet and I’m excited that people are making an album about themselves.

HOMEMADE FAMILIES (I will turn the music off by Friday! LOL) I’ve had a few questions about the 2010 Dare Ya! If you don’t have 52 recipes or don’t think you have that many, go ahead and join in as you can (1) skip questions (2) you never know what surprises you might find in your family or here. Homemade Families is not a contest or a race. We will be drawing for a Giveaway once a month and your name is put in the drawing as many times as you post a link to your layouts that month. The main thing is to do all you can to document your family around what I consider an important part of our lives. Meals…Food. Read more and find out how to register at Homemade Families!

Blog Hop. It is going to be incredible. You can click on the badge on the top right hand side where it will take you with more information. I will be posting instructions on Friday and the Blog Hop starts Saturday. Scrapbook News and Review: A Faith Perspective is giving out some very outstanding gifts. Make plans to join and leave a comment when you come through Debby’s Dare.

Gratitude List
1. strength to do what I can
2. wisdom to know what I can’t do
3. friends and family that just put up with me
4. true friends that are closer than a brother
5. God love for me that allows me to love others


  1. Shoot I know it is here some where or at the bank I am not sure which. . .

  2. Now that's funny! I was just looking at my 'baby book' a couple of days ago! I have a card very similar to yours Debby! It must have been very popular! I was born at home, with the doctor in attendance. Yes they still made house calls then! But that was many many years ago!

  3. Debby,

    I love the page you made! You are such an inspiration and I wish I had known you sooner, so I could have been letting you dare me sooner! I am looking forward to participating in 2010!

  4. Well that was fun. .. even if I was afraid to look I found a book that mom started but never finished I guess that happens when you are number 4!

  5. Forgot the link sorry. . .

  6. here is my link , I'm a week behind, but that's better then 4 weeks, which I have been during the summer, TFL


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