I'm so Excited, I just can't Stand it!

Breaking all the Rules
This is our children and grandchildren! Yes, we are sticking out our tongue and we are sitting on the back of the couch...are there couch police around?? I don't think so! LOL

Why? Because it is almost 2009 and things become new. New products in the papercrafting world. New to start again on that goal you set for last year that didn't make it. New projects, new friends, new events, new challenges...AGHHH. I feel like jumping up and down so excitedly. Well, I am...but it's hard to type at the same time!!!!!

Reminder about the "All About You in 52" weekly challenge. Sign up by sending your name and address to DeborahL591@yahoo.com. Your information does not leave my computer. It's for mailing RAKs or giveaways for challenges. To find out more go down one post. check to the right to see if your name is on the list. If you have emailed me but it is not on the list...try again.

I want to do a fab RAK and I'm blaming Angela Daniels from Fiskateers! LOL Our challenge from her was to clean up and clear out our studio. Find something(s) we could RAK. Well, I found something totally in line for the new year.

Karen Foster started the calendar crazy back several years ago. I purchased a blank calander (still in the orginal wrapping, several sheets of each month for all 12 months, AND a rub-on sheet for each month (april has a few rub-ons missing that I used). Everything else is still "new."
Calendar 9.99
Rub-ons 4.99 x 12
Paper .69 x 30
Total worth ...90.57

Tell me WOWOWOW!

Here's the deal....

Leave a comment on this thread only. You must be

>>a Fiskateer so leave your name and Fiska-number
>>a Pea so leave your name and that you "pea"
>>a neighbor so leave your name and that you play on scrapbook.com
>>Debby's Dare follower or subscribe to DD's feed
>>OR have signed up for the "All About You in 52"

If you don't fit in any of this categories. I can tell you how to become a Fiskateer, you can add yourself as a follower, or subscribe to the feed, etc.

NOTE: ANYONE FROM AROUND THE WORLD CAN JUMP IN ON THIS ONE. It may take me a little longer to ship internationally...but want everyone to have the opportunity on this one.
Let's start out the New Year Right! Whoo Hoo! the RAK closes at mid-night New Year's Eve!

1. YOU, all of YOU
2. My second family with Fiskateers
3. Everyone that has encouraged, prayed and support me / Debby's Dare this whole year
4. God's love for me and for YOU!
5. God's stirring of my heart and mind towards His will in my life.


  1. You are so creative and organized-if a FOY didn't get this done, there's no way a duffer like me would. Having said all that-I'd like to give it a try. Have a very Happy New Year!

    NanaBeth #2906

  2. I am back and ready to play again! Oooh love this one, I make calendars every year and I would love to create this calendar. Thanks for sharing!

  3. So How about a Fiskateer # and a pea name and a sb.com id...LOL

    Betsy #2572
    Peaname grace_full1
    SB.com same thing...

    Have a Happy New Year Deb!

  4. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Fiskateer Sondra #4936

  5. I'm excited too Debbie, I have already gotten started! I know I sent you an email, but can't remember putting my Fiskateer number in it! Silly me, so I'm Jessica Germain #5319

  6. Oh WOW.. Great RAK!
    I never knew YOU were the Debby's Dare girl. Cool! I'm going to be a "follower" of yours :)

    Jenny Brannies #2303

  7. Hi Debby. Thanks for the chance. Here's my info:
    Tona # 4437 & I'm also a Debby's Dare follower.

  8. I am a member of scrapbook.com...does that count?


  9. Oh wow! What a generous rak, Debby! I love calendars and have been looking at making at least one here soon. That would be the perfect kit to get the job done. Thanks for the chance!

    Fiskateer #3675

  10. Happy New Year! -- here's hoping that this Fiska year will be full of Fiska surprises.

    vicki in MD

  11. Hi Debbie Happy 'almost' New Year! I am a proud fiskateer (#1868) and I subscribe to your feed as well.

    What an awesome RAK- would make some wonderful christmas presents for next year!!!!

  12. Love the photo! I am Purple Princess on 2Peas! :)

  13. Jumping up and down waving my hands I love calendars and have never made one. . . I fit so many of your list. . .LOL way to much time on the computer.

  14. That looks like 1 RAK that I want to win.........believe it or not I have some of the months but not all so it would be a way for me to complete my calendar. I always make one for my mom & then if I have time 1 for me.
    thanks for offering....cleaning was fun wasn't it?
    Louise #3903

  15. What an awesome RAK Debby! Thanks for a chance to win.
    connie #2909


  16. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Hey Debby, I am both a Fiskateer (3564) and also a Pea. :) My peaname is branbaucom. Thanks for a chance at such a great rak.

    Brandy Baucom

  17. That's a great family photo!

    I, too, am trying to get my scrap area cleaned for Angela's challenge. It's a slow process!

    I make calendars every year - your RAK would be so helpful!! Thanks for offering it!

    HeatherQ #3770
    (and blog follower)

  18. I am loving your blog

  19. Ohhh, I love doing month in review pages...this would be awesome to have in my stash!!! I can't wait to get into the challenge!
    Thanks for the chance to participate!

  20. Cindy Brooking Fiskateer #20594:44 PM

    well, debby i am both a fiskateer and a pea! i am fiskateer #2059 and pea cmb1234. i would love to win your rak. i need to make a calendar for myself yet!

  21. Hi - what a fabulous RAK! I would dearly love to win this. I am a Fiskateer, but I don't remember by number ):. I am also a neighbor on scrapbook.com. Please, please consider me - as I am a duplicate... a twin... and a double!!

  22. Hi Debbie! I can't believe what a fantastic prize you have for a lucky winner (who I hope, of course, will be me. :)) I'm also looking forward to the 52 Weeks of You challenge, but that's a separate email.

    Happy New Year from Veronica!
    Fiskateer #1135

  23. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Wow! What a generous RAK!
    - Fiskateer Brenda #3635

  24. Wow, what a find when you cleaned your room. I would love to make a calendar with all of these great finds. Thanks for the opportunity. Now, I must stop procrastinating and clean up my own space! Ellen #3904

  25. I love to visit your blog Debby. I am a fellow fiskateer. What a great giveaway!! - Marla#3291

  26. Wow...that's amazing what you found. I found some paperclips, a Hershey wrapper, and dust...a lot of dust.
    Mojjo #4759

  27. HEYYYYYYYYYYY U Fun Loving Girl U!!
    Thank to U I got a Flip coming If U got One I had to have one too..LOLOLOL
    Fiskateer 1121

    I M so behind on every thing..I have not had on my big computer going on 3 weeks now.. But I M BETTER..I been doing some on this little lap top..:O)

  28. What a great RAK!! :) I am a Fiskateer...#4052 and I also "pea" as Daltonsmom. :) I'd love to make myself a calendar for a change...I make them for about 6 other people for Christmas each year! Love the family photo!

  29. You so the best stuff!


  30. I am happy to take credit for such a great RAK. It's so funny, I have a totally un-opened calendar in my stash too! I was going to add it to my RAK pile(s) but I have PROMISED myself to actually make the darned thing... just as soon as I finish this room! =)

  31. Great RAK! I pea as Beth_W737 - I'm also a fiskateer but don't have my number memorized, so I'll just leave my peaname. ;)

  32. Happy New Year! It's Shannon! I'm SabySmooth1 on Fiskateers and I'm on Pea. Anyway, Looking forward to this!

  33. I have had your blog bookmarked for a while and was just weeding some out. I am so glad I got around to checking you out. Wow, sounds like fun!!! I am member of scrapbook.com and would love to give this a try.

    my name is Sid ( female )

  34. I am working on my first calendar this year. It's a lot of work. I hope to be done by the first. We'll see. Thanks for the chance.

    Patty Fiskateer #2262

  35. I think this sounds like fun, and I would love to try. I am member of scrapbook.com id is wimpygirl

  36. Oh Debby, what a great prize!! I am a fellow Fiskateer (#2932) and have been trying to do a little cleaning of my own, but I get side-tracked so easily!! But I am getting pages done, so I see it as a plus!

  37. LOL! I had to leave a comment because I'm 'All of the above'!

    I'm Fiskateer #4115
    I "pea"
    I'm a neighbor at scrapbook.com
    I'm a Debby's Dare follower
    and I have signed up for the "All About You in 52"

    (Don't put me in the drawing, though, let someone else win.)Looking forward to the 1st question!

  38. WOW - I wish i had the time to get in order soo fast, my goal is the end of Jan :)

    Great giveaway, so sweet!

    Happy New Year

  39. Oops I forgot to leave my Name and fiskateer number

    Michelle 3624

    It's been that kind of day :0)

  40. I think I read the lsit and checked it twice-and believe I am all of the ablove mentioned.

    mizzkb00 on 2peas and sb.com
    KateB F #4529

    DD follower and part of the dare!

  41. Cute picture of your family. That is one fab RAK your giving away. I've been dying to get my hands on a blank calendar, but haven't been able to find one anywhere.


  42. Hey Debbie! I keep checking back to see if you've posted the first weeks' question/challenge! Since it's not here yet I'm assuming you'll do it tomorrow. Can you tell I'm ready to go! Well anyway, Happy New Year! If you celebrate, I hope you have a great time!

  43. I would love to see your room! I bet its super organized!

    What a great rak! I am doing a version of the 365 album and the calendar items would be perfect.

    My Fiskateer name is stefanyb123 My Fiskateer # is 2181
    My Pea name is stefanyb123 and I pea daily,lol!
    My Sb.com name is stefanyb123 (see a pattern here?LOL)
    I am a follower of your blog,and have sent you an email to join your challenge.


  44. You are such a bright spot in my day! Love reading your blog, your messages on the fiskateer message board, and seeing what new hat you will be wearing!

    I make calendars every year for everyone else and would love to add this to my calendar stash---and make a calendar for ME!

    Happy New Year!
    Karen #4500

  45. Thanks for all the great videos and RAK s you do I always have fun reading your stuff
    Teri Fiskateer #5418

  46. Hi! I'm a fiskateer, but I'll have to hunt down my scissors to get my number off of them. I am not familiar with "pea" or the other things you mentioned--except I signed up for your challenge. How do I do the other things to be included?

  47. Okay, my scrapbook.com name is CatWoman728, and my 2peasinabucket is MamaBird728. Is that what you needed?

  48. jeano #5242

    this would be great for my grandauther "first year"
    her Birth, rolling over,first tooth, crawling ect
    thanks for the chance


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