Fiskars Friday on Thursday

No video today. I'm having to send my webcam back to the company. It is a hardware problem with their camera. But they have ... Logitech...have been great about staying up with me to help.
I've been making these little Christmas Tree Ornaments for a week or two. They are easy and you can design them just about anyway you want to.

Christmas Tree Ornament Fiskars Style

Using your Ultra shapexpress cut out 6 3 x 3 squares with your square templates.

Using your stylist tool and the 2 x 2 square of your template lay your 3 x 3 square on your Fiskars self-healing mat on the grid. Place your template in the direction opposite of the square. You can see how I lined it up by using the grid lines. Score your square with the larger end of the stylist. Fold the score lines inward. The pattern part of the paper is to be face up and fold the edges inward.

Find the center of ONE of your squares and punch a hole using your Fiskars Eyelet setter. If you want to add a tassel to the bottom of your ornament repeat this on a second square.

I choose Heidi Grace's Christmas line to create my center. Cut our your decorative paper using the 2 x 2 square on your ultra Shapexpress. Adhere the 2 x 2s to the center of the 3 x 3s. For the top punch the hole and add your favorite ribbon. Tip: when using speciality paper (flocked or embossed) and cutting with the utra Shapexpress, turn your paper over and cut from the back. That way the blade does not get hung up on the flocking especially.

Adhere your corners. Using the top as your point of reference start adding the side pieces. Then finally the bottom. TaDa Magic. I love it. Decorate any way your want to. Add punches, photos, stamps, layers...make it cute or make it shabby chic. The deal is to just MAKE IT.

AHHHHH. Debby Dare's you to create your own ornament using this idea. Add it to the slide show above (click on "slide" tab and it will take you to upload your projects). I'll randomly choose three projects to receive one of the three items pictured below. (FYI...I can't ship internationally, but I do ship to USA and Canada).

Nope, I'm no T!m Holtz (LOL), but I love to share some Fiska-Love. Send me an email if I skipped a step or did not explain something clearly.

Gratitude List

1. Friends who care enough to tell the truth

2. Courage for friends to actually do

3. To tell the truth in love and understanding

4. Safety of my friends

5. God, to whom my preservation is in His hands.


  1. Super cute idea Debby!

  2. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Great project and thanks for the detailed instructions :)

  3. Love this Deb! Thanks so much too for the goodies! I got them last week and can't wait to create some fun cards with it, you are so sweet!

    Have a blessed day!


  4. Debby Great instructions. I actually had left over squares from my Christmas cards so it worked out perfect and now they match. Though when I tried to upload my photos to the Slide show all it gave me was an option to create my own so I did. Hope you enjoy what you have inspired!

  5. Thanks for the tutorial! I will be trying this out soon!

  6. That is adorable. Do I spy a Tim Holtz clear ruler? TFS!!!

  7. Anonymous1:25 PM

    love your decorations. Thanks for posting. you are so awesome.

    regarding facebook... delete any message saying *you are so funny in this video*

    Take care

  8. Those are cool! thanks for sharing!!

  9. that is sooooooooo cute, gonna definitely try it.hmmm maybe tomorrow. Thanks for your inspiration always!


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