Bitter Sweet Days

Note: if you would like to enter the Christmas Tree Ornament RAK click here to see the post. Deadline is this Thursday before I post Fiskars Friday on Thursday for this week.

Yesterday and Today are bittersweet.

Let's get the bitter over with. The trojan combined with the "fix" totally crashed my computer beyond repair or recovery. You can't believe how horrible I feel right now. All my documents were saved to a jump drive so I'm cool there. But I've lost some really good programs and ALL my bookmarked sites. I had also just backed up all my photos. I'm very bummed about it. Unless someone here has some great connections to a computer company I'm going to have to go see about buying one today. Financially, this is probably not the greatest time of the year for this. Bitter.......

One the other hand I went to a sweet, fab and rockin' Fiskateers Christmas Party being held by Fiskateer Legend Holly. If you are ever in the NC or SC area you need to check out Southern Scrapbooks. Her 8 week old store was booming with business and it is in the most beautiful location. I loved the store.

Holly is the greatest hostess. We all got to see little Kent, Holly and Adam's son. He is the cutest and friendly little one ever. He loved my Fiska-Jingle hat. Everyone was so much fun. I think Fiskateer Mary (MaryNSC) and I made the loudest noise. Two others, which remain nameless...was nothing but trouble. LOL It was just one of those things that "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" kinda thing. LOL LOL LOL

Mary and Holly have the best photos and videos. Here are a few I have. I just was having too much fun with everyone, playing a game that like to have killed all of us and doing a wonderfully fun make-n-take that was created by Meghan. I demo-ed a lot right along with Holly. It was totally outrageous. Notice I did not note we cropped. Honestly, only one person accomplished anything. We all brought enough stuff to crop for days. Everything was wonderful. Thank you Holly. Since I've lost my favorites if someone has the link to Holly's blog please post it in the comment section.

MaryNSC, when you upload your videos let us know so I can add the links for some fun!

By this way, Holly gave some of the greatest gifts. She gave me several Fiska-gifts and one Fiskars product I did not even know was around. It is a tote especially made to hold my USX templates, USX, my self-healing mat and my replacements blades. Wow!

Bitter/Sweet day. We have them. Now we look for the next big adventure.

Gratitude List:
1. Bob
2. my family
3. my new and old Fiska-friends
4. Ruth
5. My Father in who preserves our being.


  1. Looks like you had a great time :)

  2. the link to my blog is
    I had a great time- it wouldn't have been the same without you!


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