All About YOU in 52!

Fiskars Friday took a break this week. LOL I thought I could keep up, but alas I could not. Christmas this year has been a whirlwind of love and excitement. I already have a project partially completed for Fiskars Friday on we will be good to go before the New Year!

Left over Christmas Fun. Santa brought me an Orange Flip video. Christmas day was a day of learning how it works. When I went back to look over the videos...this one is a keeper. Short story. Mr. Squirrel decided to take a stroll. instead of picking up his feet, he dragged them along. Well, Mr. Squirrel was walking along the power lines and when one foot did not lift from one line before touching the other line. Mr. Squirrel is no more. :{ Mr. Squirrel's untimely demise blew up our transformer and left us without electricity and with my Christmas breakfast in the oven. LOL The funniest part is that all of Jay's Christmas presents (15 year old) were electric. In his words "this sucks." LOL LOL

Debby's Dare Goals for 2009

I'm not great on resolutions. To me, a resolution depends on my will power. I don't want to "will" anything. It's way too too hard. I do love setting goals. I set goals for daily projects, for events, for my lifestyle, my scrapbooking, etc. When I set goals I take the time to pray each day, ask for God's guidance, work hard and at times redirect the goal. In doing so I find my self much more satisfied and happy. I seriously saw several of my goals come to pass this year. Wow, what a wonderful year I have had.

I need to pick my "Word" and/or "Verse" for the year. My 2008 word is Faithful. I learned that "faithful" is not about me. Faithful is about God. Through my happiest moments to the worst of trails God is Faithful.

I'll share my 2009 Goals and Word at our next Fiskars Friday on Thursday.

Without further ado:
Winner of Debby's Dare is number 10 per the Random Number Generator

Mike and Valerie Hofer said...
I love the idea...I can't wait to try it this weekend.

Send me an email at with you full name and snail mail address. Congratulations.

All About YOU in 52

I do want to introduce you to a Debby's Dare for the entire year of 2009. We are having a 52 Week Debby's Dare! I will give you a QUESTION per week and you answer that question through your layout. The question will be about YOU! When the year is finished you will have one awesome book (or two) to share about you, your history, your dreams, your struggles, your victories, your faith and your adventures in Life.

We do not tell our own story. We are great at telling others' stories but I want to Challenge you to join Debby's Dare to complete one layout per week about you. I love giveaways so there will be a weekly random drawing for those signed up and create a layout that week. There will be bench-mark challenges along the way. It is my goals to work on a scrapbook about me for my children and grandchildren. I challenge you to do the same. Who else can tell our story but us.

I will continue to post those fun DAREs for everyone who enjoys hanging out here.

BTW: if you miss or skip a week the Dare Police will not come to your house!!!

To sign up for "All About You in 52"send me an email with your name and address so I can send random RAKs both announced and unannounced. You will see your name on a sticky post that lets everyone know that you are taking Debby up on her DARE! Dare ya!

{Your address or email will only be used in the course of this DARE. I do not add you to a mail list or sell/give away names and addresses to anyone. I'm picky that way.}
Gratitude List
1. my family
2. Jimmy, who strives to make my dreams come true
3. Ruth and Bob, my prayer warriors
4. Tabitha and Ashley
5. God's blessings in my life that overwhelm anything that can be deserved.


  1. I got a Flip as well! Woo hoo!

  2. Debby-I'm in; will PM you my info via Fiskeers site!


    ps-am in only because you added the disclaimer :)

    Happy New New Year-and I know that you, like me, will continue to ask for God's favor and blessings a day at a time :)

  3. The all about you in 52 sounds like fun, but I am not promising anything since I am already behind on the other two challenges for this year. I will get these done, but don't want to pressure myself with a new challenge. I may choose to just journal about it and then create pages when there is time.

    email is

  4. Yay, you got your Flip!

  5. maryanne hoekman9:11 AM

    debby, i would love to do this!!!
    with send you a message with my info through the fiskateers board
    maryanne #5271

  6. I'm in, I just emailed you so when do we start!

  7. Debby...I would love to do this..I don't have your I'm pming you my info thru for this challenge.

  8. would love to do the All About You in 52

  9. Debby this does sound like fun I'll PM you I never scrap me. . . you are right about that.

  10. This is a great idea Debby. I'm not sure on how well I will do as I am behind on so many things and have as a goal already to get started on finishing things up and get going. But I will give it a try.


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