Fiskars Friday on Thursday

It's uploading to YouTube so I should make it before Friday! LOL

Forgive me my friends because I made two videos because I wanted to show a lot of Fiskars tools and make an Easter project. We will make part one today then you can make part one and finish it with me next week. For next week bring your border punches, spring punches, any punches and vellum. Everything is springy.

I spent the day is contemplation. Ever do that? Sometimes we get to busy to look what is right in front of us. Towards the end of the day I picked up my camera and went outside to see if I could capture some signs of spring. I did a little bit.

Peach Tree Blooms...they began to bloom and the temperatures dropped.

There will not be many peaches for me.

Our Potatoes are up and doing great! I can't wait!!

Cute as these are it means the season is here is do yard work!

Just Found -- go Look: Marks Paper. I've been a fan on Facebook, but now they are giving away two of their brand new lines. I love love love them both. Go see. Sign up for their giveaway, so if I don't win you can tell me all about it when you do! LOL

Gratitude List:

1. Encouragement

2. God's protection on Meghan, my niece.

3. God's protection moment by moment for me.

4. A time God gave me to breathe, relax and see His beauty

5. God's promises that never fail.


  1. Can't wait to see it finished next week.

  2. Love the banner Debbie!

  3. I adore the banner, Debby! :D

  4. have a great weekend!!!

  5. Your banner is wonderful! Love those glimpses of spring in your yard, we have apricot blossoms that I took photos of.

  6. That is a gorgeous pic of peach blossoms. Did you mean Marcos Paper?

  7. I've given you a blog award.

  8. Hey Debbie! Love the banner and the videos are fantastic. Take care and talk to you soon.


  9. Hi Debby.. like the pics of spring.. we are not that far along here.. i bought myself my first fiskers squeeze punch. I like it, only it was too large for my project. i need 3/4 inch. they make so many cute punches.. and I love the border punches.. i'm a collector of those.. =)


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