Paper Chase South Carolina Style!

Angela Daniels, Lead Fiskateer, is on a quest called the NW Paper Chase. The purpose is to go to as may scrapbook stores within a given time and share Fiska-love. If you are the Washington State area be on the look out for a couple of very orange ladies and a very funky car!

I thought it would be cool to start my own Paper Chase here in SC. I got around to less than I wanted due to Tornado watches and tons of rain, but I'll be off again this morning to see how many I can get to AND to share some Fiska-love.

Here is my flip video version of my trip all over yesterday. Most are less than a minute and I'm still getting use to filming myself. LOL

BTW: I'm going to extend the DARE so that I can send TEN people Rain Dots. The catch is that you have to use part of them to make your Jewelry DARE! Email me at If you have Rain Dots for the Dare I ask you kindly not to request the Rain Dots. I just realized that many people would not have Rain Dots.

Okay hang on, here we go for Saturday's Paper Chase:

Gratitude List:
1. To be with so many Fiskateers
2. Great group of students
3. the Charity crop
4. God overwhelming safety while I was on the road
5. Strength that only comes from God.


  1. I completely missed this whole post! I am emailing you for some rain dots. I already said I wanted to do it but I didn't know where I was going to get the raindots. Then I read this post. Hope I am on time to make the 10. I am going to watch all the videos now.

  2. What a great job on all the videos you always do so well. Looks like I need to plan a trip :)

  3. Debby-this is awesome to see another Paper Chase in the works! you rock!


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