I Goofed!

That is no joke. I finally went and got my hair cut yesterday. Little short, but not bad. I picked up a new "color" for my hair. It said "warm brown." The box showed "if your hair is this color then this is what is will turn out to look like." All the chooses showed different shades of a nice warm brown.

I will be wearing a hat until it is safe to come out. My youngest son very seriously jump and it was "Whoa." Adam walked by and said "mom, picked up the wrong color, huh?" Angela Daniels hair looks blond compared to my hair right now. I won't even look in the mirror. I'm just happily pretending it is Warm Brown. LOL When I get up the nerve I'll show you. (ps: I was looking for a photo of someone with red hair to compare it with...Fiskars orange is about the best comparison and I did not do it on purpose!)

I haven't been neglectful with my blog. I've just be busy with National Chocolate Week. I think I've OD on chocolate.

I'm changing the date of Debby's Picks to Wednesday. Friday is just to fast after Fiskars Friday on Thursday.

I'm working hard on two crops coming up in May and started the third crop for charity at the end of July right before I head off to Summer CHA.

National Scrapbooking Day is May 2 and we are having a crop that will hold 25 croppers. 14 seats are gone and I believe we will finish filling it up long before May 2. Lots of fun is being planned, make-n-takes, and loads of scrapping.

Scrap, Rattle and Roll is May 16. Baby, we are going to Scrap, RATTLE and ROLL. I kid you not! This crop is full to the brim. Fun is still being planned. If you are signed up to come leave room in your car to take back more than you brought! LOL

Mary Beth and Amita are the owners of Scrapbook Supply Store and they are hosting the Fiskateer crop at their store. Fiskateers Mary Beth and Amita have some of their own fun planned as well. BTW: these photos are just corners of the store...wait until you see the rest.
Right now the goal is to see how much orange I can find for the season turns summer. LOL

I wanted to give you a sneak peek at my spare room, which has become my work room for the crops. I took a BIG picture and decided, Naw that is too much. Then I took a bit smaller picture and said well they will think I'm messy. So this is what I decided to show you in my crop room.
Sorry guys this is as good as it gets. LOL

Have a great day and thanks for letting me ramble.

Gratitude List:
1. the birds singing
2. sleep
3. dog barking at the birds
4. all the signs of new beginnings
5. God, who bring new life


  1. hi. we'd love to see more of your scrap room.. =) i have a scrap dungeon.. it's in my basement and not much room.. but it's my little sanctuary.. I'm looking forward to NSD here. i'm going to a LSS for an all weekend crop... it will be here before we know it.

    i'm sure your hair is fine..it grows and washes out... i tried doing my own once and it is something I've left to the professionals since then.. =)

  2. Yikes... sorry about the hair

    It'll tone down once you wash it a couple times....

    Are you letting being the fiskateer of the year go to your head lol... that was cruel of me

  3. Anonymous12:48 PM

    I am curious to see your hair!

  4. oh well, one bad hair day buy a cute hat!

  5. Ok Deb, you can't make a post like this without posting a photo! It couldn't have been worse, remember hair grows! Wish I could come to your crops! Where is July's?

  6. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Ok, now I just really want to see your hair! :D And I wish you were doing crops out here...maybe one of these days, right. ;)

  7. You could always say that this is what happens when you "bleed orange". lol

    Sounds like you're going to be busy in the upcoming weeks. Sure sounds like fun though!

  8. Wouldn't worry about the hair, it fades eventually and you were going to wear an orange hat to the crop anyway. I'm anxious for the crop to get here. I miss all you guys I met at CFD and can't wait to crop again.

  9. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Don't worry about your hair, it is who you are that we like...people change their hair color like they change their socks or underwear....I am sure you look fine!
    Sounds like your crops are going to be a blast..have fun
    Debbie #4668


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