Fiskars Friday on Saturday????

Well, not really. I did issue a cool Dare using Fiskars Products and have a little tip on making Jewelry with your scrapbook supplies.

I'm off in about 15 minutes to do a mini Paper Chase here in the Columbia area. I was inspired by Angela and her Paper Chase. I'm going to do little videos as I stop along the way. Maybe catch up with a few Fiskateers too. I've loaded my Easter Fiska-Basket with Fiskars goodies. Kelly Jo I'm taking your RAK with me also with your card.

Since I'm on the run, enjoy the off beat video...explanations for missing out the last few days, tips, my favorite friends and Debby's Dare is all on this one. Enjoy and God bless you.

I forgot to tell you the RAK. What about a brand new Fiskars Boarder Punch IF we reach at least 20 participants. You create, get your friends to create and spread the word.

Gratitude List:
1. Feeling much better
2. God's strength
3. Breathing
4. Prayers
5. God's patience


  1. Glad you are feeling better

    Hope you had a great class.

  2. I'll give it a try if I can find some rain dots in time.

    Jenn J

  3. Here is my raindot jewelry challenge entry. Had planned a set of embellished dogtags and I couldn't find the dogtag charms so I made this paisley bracelet.


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