Fiskars Friday on Thursday

OOO, when I watched the video I have morning hair. Well, you that come to my "home" often are like members of the family and know I'm a bit nuts. LOL I'm going to post a few pictures to help the video along and so you can see more details than I can show on my camera. This day I'm going to try try and answer the question "How do your cut using Fiskars Ultra Shape Xpress with Fiskars Templates and get a perfect cut...with out the 'hanging chad.'" It took me awhile to get it so it would work every time I cut. Tada, after 20 sheets of typing paper I figured it out. I'm so proud of myself that I didn't give up.

Photos by Fiskateer Peg

Winner from the last Fiskars Friday on Thursday is BARB. Email me with your full name and address. Congratulations.

News News News....
Those attending the Fiskateer Crop in Greenville do you see on the top right hand side the growing sponsors. Wow! If you are not registered, you are a Fiskateer to want to become a Fiskateer email me at I will certainly help you on your way to the greatest community of all time.

News News News....
Our group Called the Fellowship of Scrapbookers is holding a celebration crop for National Scrapbook Day. AND the Crop is free. Loads of fun and giveaway, etc. It is May 2. If you are not already on the FOS mailing list and you live in the Lexington and greater Columbia area email me at

News News News
July 25 we are shooting to do a Charity crop. It will be Christmas in July and the admission price to the crop is one brand new toy to go to children that will not have a Christmas morning without help. More news will go out about this later.

Tomorrow I'm officially off my "vacation" time and I am doing a demo for a brand new LSS! I'm excited to be helping bring Fiskars products alive and to show all the different ways you can use even one tool.

I'm happy to be back into the swing of things. Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers

Gratitude List:
1. Prayer Warriors
2. People like Shannon, Sudie, and Kathy who support me in my wild ideas.
3. Doctors that not only have the medical knowledge but also follow Christ
4. Perspective
5. Hope, in God's plan for my life


  1. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Another great demo Debby. You make me laugh and smile while watching them. How about a demo on the swivel finger knife!
    Debbie #4668

  2. Thanks again for another great tutorial. Thanks for the reminder to take it nice & slow, I know that I tend to want to go too fast when I'm using my USX.

  3. Thanks for sharing your techniques to avoid that nasty chad.
    ~Brenda #5778

  4. Another great video Debby. Glad you are feeling better. I LOVE your LO. Be sure & post on Fiskateers when it is finished.

  5. Awesome video..I needed it. I also want to find those butterflies.

  6. You are just too cool!
    Suzi #5563

  7. thanks for the video! I need to find those butterflies too.
    connie #2909

  8. Got on the FOS list and am especially intereted in Christmas in July one. Keep me posted.

  9. Hi Debby,glad to see the show to watch make things easier,now,I need to know about texture plates,is there something I'm not doing to make it hard for myself,I'm counting on you,lol.

  10. TFS...i just LOVE my USX! Fun, isn't it?!


  11. What a great tip...That helps alot :)

  12. Hi Debby. Great job on the video. I look forward to each week to see what you are going to do next. I put up a Fiskars Friday post today also. Mine is on the Oval Border Punch. Check it out! Thanks again!!

  13. wanda8:52 PM

    Thanks for another great tutorial video. I love your plain talk and the way you make everything look so easy.

  14. I am so addicted to my USX. Thanks in a large part to your videos.

    I can't wait to find those butterflies.


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