All About You in 52, Week 25

My 16 year old came into the studio and asked who had been messing with his X-box. I didn't know so he goes to his older brother and behold, yes he had done something with the game box. Jacob comes back and tells me about it. First thing I thought was the phrase "telling tales out of Kindergarten."

This week will be an opportunity to "tell tales" about your brothers, sisters or cousin, etc. I have one brother and one sister. Me and my brother were close when we were young. I was 10 years old when my sister was born, so it wasn't until she was older and I had gotten married that we started to know each other better. I do have tales on both of them. (This is the part my family freaks out as they read this...LOL)

My brother, Scott, has been a source of great family stories of his early years. There was a time period around kindergarten until about second grade that produced some of the funniest stories. One that I just now remembered and did not put in the journalingis when dad (Santa Claus) had given Scott a mechanical airplane that when you switched it on it would roll on the floor in all sorts of patterns. It freaked my brother out so bad that his tried to "kill" it. He stomped on that poor airplane and dad scrambled to get him. I still have photos of the infamous airplane. LOL

For me those early memories is what bonds us as a family. Common events, times we can laugh now, times we can recall without adult problems surrounding our lives. Wonderful memories.

"What memories of your childhood with your brothers, sisters or someone close to you do you have that bring back a memory of family?"

My Answer

Kevin Scott. When we were young my brother supplied with stories to tell. Scott bringing home handfuls of caterpillars from school only to have her flush them down the toilet. Mom finding a garden snake in Scott’s pants pocket. Not finding Scott in the house early one morning, only to find him in the backyard of our apartment sitting on the teeter totter in his underwear. Sometimes, growing up, we lose sight of the memories that made us family.

Pattern Paper: Kaiser Crafts; Brown Bookprint by Jenni Bowlin; Creative Imaginations
Inks: Ranger Distress Ink, Linen; Idea-ology by Tim Holtz Alpha Masks
Title: A Sweet Life Story Tellers Alpha
Tools: Fiskars Portable Rotary Trimmer, Idea-ology's Tim Holtz Distresser

The paper and alpha can be purchased through unKit. That's where I got mine!

I have to tell you that I laughed going through week 24's Question. Things I had forgotten. Things that are now funny. Wow, what a trip. Everyone should check the links for week 24. Mikj wrote some beautiful journaling about the age of innocence. It is great. Congratulations to Vicki in MD for catching up. That was a hard job. Also to Angie, our digi scrapbooker for almost being caught up. They both did a fab job on their questions and deserve a round of applause from everyone for being determined to do their book of All About You in 52!

This week's RAK goes to .... per in MD. Send me your snail mail! Congratulations.

Tune in tomorrow for a few photos and layouts from this past week.

Gratitude List
1. Safety with all the driving I've been doing lately
2. Good Health
3. Hubby, he invented the word patience
4. Grace for every need
5. that I can "trust in the Lord with all my heart...."


  1. LOL funny story. I remember the day we celebrated my younger sister's first communion. She was dressed up in her beautiful white dress and we had lots of family at our house celebrating in the yard. Soon we hear my sister yelling for help. She had climbed a tree, yes in her white communion dress, and got stuck up there. My dad had to climb up and get her down. :)

  2. Debby I love your page and what a cute picture. Your family sounds like it was a ton of fun growing up what a blessing.

  3. what a beautiful lay out, I'll have to think about my memory...

  4. I am very behind :( but some of these are very tough for me because I havent had a lot of experiences yet because I am young but here are the ones that I have gotten done but have not posted here
    week 13
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  5. Debby, I've done a mini album for a family christmas in 1960. I have posted the pics of it somewhere before.So you may have seen them. But I'm going to load them onto my blog this week. I have no siblings, so this mini is the best childhood memory I have of family. The Christmas of the Beans blew up! lol I'll get the pics up before the end of the week.

  6. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Debby I did it, I'm on time this week, here are the links to my last 2 LO's
    All about you in 52 weeks.. TFL...
    Mariah 2457

  7. What a great layout! I love the swirls and the colors!

    I'll be catching up again once I've moved, but that might not be until the end of July. Of course, the scrap stuff will be the last thing that get's packed, just in case I have time on my hands! I really miss doing these!

  8. Here's mine for this week. Deb, I'm so glad you're hosting this challenge, because it's giving me the motivation to document all these memories - thanks!

  9. Debby here is my page for this weeks question:

  10. Here is my page for this week's question

    this one was fun!

  11. I enjoyed reliving these memories!


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