Fiskars Friday Not on Thursday!

By should know I don't ever do anything the normal way! I did get Fiskars Friday completed and uploaded. I wanted to learn myself how to use my Fiskars Fingertip Tweezers. I've had them awhile and it was about time I broke them out. They looked awkward, I thought "why did they turn them sideways," good grief!

I decided not to let this stand in my may of learning how to use my Fingertip Tweezers and learn the "whys" as I go along. This is a 9 minute segment of my last 2 plus hours of doing nothing but using my tweezers on my project.

This the the part of the BIGger project that I'm working on. The little space on the top corner is for something not yet ready!!!!
I'm attending a Charity Crop tomorrow for the Harvest Hope Food Bank here in Columbia, South Carolina. Stacie Mandrell, owner of Scrappin' Creations and all around great Fiskateer, is holding this three day charity event in order to make our crafters aware of the needs that exsit during this time of year for the food banks and to collect food and raise finances for the Food Bank. Kudos to Stacie! I'll be there CFD-ing and Fiskateering.

BTW: My sister got married today! Wow....big surprise for all of us. Chip welcome to the family! Hopefully I have some photos soon to share.

Gratitude List
1. long talks with Jay
2. seeing Jay starting to mature and set goals
3. a good head on his shoulders
4. God's most wonderful gift of my Jacob
5. Surprises! When I lose hope of a dream, God delivers surprises to my delight and His.


  1. ow is your Little finger??
    U R KIDDING ~My baby sister is getting married Aug 1
    Well this is nothing new for her this is her 4th..

    the Project is beautiful..
    I got to get them Tweezers next..

  3. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Your project is stunning...anything with a butterfly catches my attention! Love the colors u used.
    Also tell your sister congrats.

    inkmemory tanya #4662

  4. omg.. ur project is amazing.. LOVE IT!

  5. Just a beautiful project!!!


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