Exotic Vacation

I went on an exotic vacation yesterday. The water was beautiful, my family was laughing, the chicken on the grill was so good. The weather was great. Not too hot, just right. I could have sat back in the chair and just breathed and relaxed for a week.

Yesterday my daughter threw a surprise birthday party for my husband. They have appointments out of town concerning their wedding so it was a little early. But it was fun and funny.

David manning the grill....

Jacob waiting for the pool time ....

Adam and Vanessa...Adam watching his back because sister was sneaking up to push him in the pool!

Step one: Tabitha lights the candles.

Step two: Dad blows out the candles...

Step Three: Tabitha runs to the door to fan out the smoke from the candles...

Step Four: David runs to the sliding doors to let out the smoke...

Step Five: David is trying to keep the smoke alarm from going off.

I nearly fell in the floor laughing. Poor Jimmy. David and Tabitha told us the smoke alarm is very sensitive. But it was certainly a fun moment to capture.

Since I was Fiskateering Saturday and went on my exotic vacation yesterday, All About You in 52 will post later this evening as I have more Fiskateer scrappy business this morning!!
Gratitude List
1. David and Tabitha
2. Adam and Vanessa
3. Jimmy and Jacob
4. A perfect day
5. God's warmth in my heart.


  1. Sounds like a really lovely time. Happy Birthday to hubby.

  2. Sounds like a great birthday! Glad you got a little vacation!

  3. Happy birthday to your hubby


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