Fiskars Friday on Thursday!

Wow, we've had thunder and lighting all afternoon and it is still not over with yet. We have a lull so I thought I'd take a moment to post FFOT. One thing about not having the computer I've been creating away!

I did a two for one this week. The Fiskars Border Punch, Sunburst. Some had asked about it and I want to show another way to use this punch. Also I'm still thinking through the Rotary cutter question. Give me a week or so and I'll come up with something different. I'm also sharing my four favorite Fiskars scissors that I use to scrapbook.

Enjoy, and if you found any of this helpful, please leave me a comment.

Fiskars Sunburst Border Punch

Don't forget Debby's Dare on the INSPIRATION post! The RAK is for a Fiskars 12 Portable Paper Trimmer and a Craft Kit from Cosmos Cricket.

This was one of my creative options this afternoon. I'm still working on learning how to bead. So this is my 2nd semi-successful attempt at beading. It looks nice, but it was suppose to be a necklace. LOL But it's making a cute bracelet.

Gratitude List
1. Creative Time
2. Quiet Time
3. Special time with my son
4. Hannah Dannah I saw yesterday!!
5. God's Grace..Grace for every need....


  1. Debby, I think your bracelet is really cute. Right on time for summer. I have my beading supplies and haven't made anything yet.

    Thanks for the video. Great as usual.

  2. the bracelet looks great!!!! love making jewelry

  3. Great idea for the border punch. I'll have to try it! (Well, something like it, with the punches I have. :) )
    Love your videos. Thanks!

  4. Love the be yourself quote at the top of your blog :)

  5. Thanks for another good video...I need to get some of those spring-loaded scissors!

    -Tifany #5942

  6. Beautiful bracelet! I've never tried beading so I'm always amazed at what people make.

  7. Another awesome video. I am going to try that wonderful embellishment. I have been wanting a pair of those microtip scissors and now I want them more than ever!!

  8. Thanks for the videos, I love them a lot!! Love the bracelet, I really like the way it weaves (or is it curves) anyway, very cute!!! You are always inspiring!!

    Holly #6089


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