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I've had a fabulous week with Kathy at Scrapbook Creations, Spartanburg SC and at The Stamping Place, West Columbia, SC. Fiskars was the main topic of dicussion as I demonstrated the use of Fiskars tools. AND I met up with some Fiskateers. Yeah!! It was a really fabulous weekend (including Monday!).

We now have 10 new Certified Fiskars Demonstrators! Congratulations Crafters. We had several Fiskateers in the class and by the end of the day yesterday two became new Fiskateers. I'm overwhelmed with their excitement and the challenge of moving more class segments into sewing.

My darling husband had his birthday Sunday. He is now officially 50...just in case...I'm not 50! LOL We had a great time. Two of my sons pooled their resources and purchased a 42 inch wide screen television for him. He's been wanting one for several years now. The boys had set the television up in the wee hours of the morning. They woke me up with all the noise. I saw what they had done and it had a big note saying "Happy Birthday Dad, Mom you can't turn it on until dad wakes up." My poor husband was woke up at 6:00 am on his day off by an excited woman. Not only was it bad enough I woke him up but that I took pictures of a just awoken man. He could not see for a bit with all the flashes going off. LOL

I'm working on an altering an old (30 years or more) KFC restaurant chair. What fun. I've recovered the seat with a great fabric design then added some dyes, inks and....well, when I'm finished I'll show you!! Tease...

The Fiskateer (only) crop for September 12/13 in Columbia, SC is looking outstanding. The seats are about 2/3's taken. The theme is A Fiskateer County Fair. You can not believe what Shannon and I have cooked up. LOL Just in case you haven't is only $30.00 for the crop which includes the overnight stay at the park, your food, a table to yourself and loads of fun. You can see the donations that have been given to the crop at the right with links to their site. I'm excited as the list continues to grow.

Here is one of my fun layouts that I did. Jay, my 16 year old, just said "hum." I like having fun with my scrapbook pages!
Gratitude List
1. Rest yesterday
2. Generosity
3. Prayer and friends who will stop to pray
4. knowing God directs my steps
5. rest in Him, knowing he brings peace, love and even creativity into my life.


  1. Looks like a good get-together and happy b'day to your husband!

  2. very fun and funky deb!!! happy birthday to your dh!!! and it all looks like fun!

  3. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Happy 50th to your DH,, I got my 50th coming up this year,hope he had a big B-day party..Mariah

  4. Oh, I'm jealous...want to come to CA to train me to be a CFD?

  5. Happy b'day to your DH. I love that layout -- you really brought a lot of whimsy to the WP & made it unique.

    I sure wish I was able to go to that fiskateers expo thing... I am riding down there with the owner of the store I design for & it would be rude to desert her the first night.... oh well maybe next time

  6. Happy birthday to your husband and I cannot wait to see the KFC chair! I love retro antiques (is that a bit redundant?)

    Here's my layout for this week's question. I'm also trying to catch up on some of the previous weeks I've missed so look out for more!


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