Glitter Party! Kids Day

Leading up to Easter my friend Rachel found this really neat egg craft.  Add Glue Dot Adhesive to your hard boiled eggs and dip in glitter.  Sounds easy enough for a child to do.  Can I just laugh here?  Ha!

Rachel and her two children B and T along with Little gathered together for what will become known as the great glitter experience gone wild.  I brought the glitter and adhesive and Rachel brought the eggs.

Here is a note if you decide to ever do this:  do not try to place Glue Dots on a cold egg.  They will not stick.  Rachel had boiled the eggs the night before and put in the the refrigerator for the next day.  When we tried to put on the Glue Dots they would not stick.  We warmed them slightly in the microwave and we finally got the Glue Dots to stick.  I also brought two way tape to do the same thing.

Big Advice:  a drop cloth under the table.  This save a lot of glitter from spreading.  But more on that later in the post.

I used Martha Stewart glitter and Doodle Bug glitter.  The finer glitter of Martha Stewart worked better, but the Doodle Bug glitter that I had was more in line with spring colors. 

The more glitter the happier the girls were.  It was getting a bit messy so I gave the girls paint brushed to wipe off any excess glitter to which they used to put the glitter on the Glue Dots.  LOL

Although our eggs might not have won a beauty contest, they certainly won the most creative, messy, fun, kids could have with glitter award!

More Big Advice:  make sure before starting that none of the kids have on a shirt that has ruffles or anything that can catch and hide glitter.  Little had rows of ruffles on her shirt.  It wasn't until after cookie time, when Rachel got her down from the table that suddenly we discover she had a ton of hidden glitter that went everywhere.  Over a week later I am still cleaning glitter from the floors, shelves, and poor Em. 

Little's mom and dad rolled with the punches (their house) and loved that she had such a great time with her friends.  I have a great family.

Go forth and allow your kids to have a glitter party.  Yep, it will be a mess but you will build some great memories with your children.

Personal Note:
Thanks to my guests this week for their wonderful posts.  I have several more guests next week. Crafting is difficult right now for me because the ear problem is extremely distracting and tiring. Although very distracting for the most part not painful.  I go back to the ENT today (Friday) to get the result of my CAT scan.  Say a prayer that the doctor will take action soon in a way that will result in my ear being cleared up.  Right my I am having signifacnt hearing loss because of the fluid.  Thanks for understanding.

Make sure to check out my guests next week that will include a wonderful tutorial, a "scrappy" author, and an extremely gifted scrapbooker.

Have a Crafty Weekend!


  1. Wow, looks like a fun, glittery day! :) Glad you got the Glue Dots to stick too. And praying for your results today and that you are back to normal soon. Blessings to you!

  2. I'm sure the girls had a blast, but I would never let that amount of glitter into my house in the first place. LOL! I will be thinking of you today as you get your test results. I pray they lead to a speedy solution to your hearing loss. Please keep us posted. :)

  3. Never thought of that but not sure about the mess! Feel better soon!

  4. What cute girls. Unfortunately glitter is both fun and messy but what a great time those girls had I am sure.

  5. Looks like fun messy crafty time :)

  6. This looks like awesome fun! Glitter everywhere would have been my dream as a kid, so even if it's a little stressful for the grown ups you have to just let the kids have a ball sometimes! x

  7. Terrific idea! Thanks for sharing!

  8. the eggs look great and the girls look like they are having a fun time!!! Hope you get good news and some relief soon. {{hugs}}

  9. Nothing stops the glitter, we did this and I found glitter up my nose the next fun though and who doesn't just love to sparkle!!


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