The wonderful world of being a grandmother continues!  I'm taking care of my little granddaughter during the day.  BTW I'm sore all over.  LOL  It brings new challenges into my life.  Mainly to create time for my craft/art.  I love challenges!  I've discovered the art of making hair bows.  I work on those while Little Honey sleeps.  Right now she doesn't need anymore bows.  LOL

Epiphany Crafts and Vintage Street Market continues their week long fun and a great giveaway on Facebook.

I've created another fun project for Epiphany Crafts.  Somehow I just really like doing little plaques.  The chipboard foundation is from Maya Road.

The Story
I so love how and where my life is going right now.  Oh yes, I still have the normal struggles everyone has, but I'm really excited about all the new things in my life and the challenges they bring.  I made this plaque to express my excitement.

The Project
Fun Things
  • I rubbed on some white acrylic paint (Ranger's Dabbers) onto Epiphany Crafts Vintage Settings (Tea Room).  The raised design around the flower petals were crying out to jump out in this project. Adding the paint did just that! I loved how it picked the paint right up.
  • I added some dimension with Epiphany Crafts Charm Setting. With Vintage Street Market paper and Epiphany Crafts Bubble Cap Round 14, I made my center setting. I actually used part of the packaging for this embellishment. The silver charm from Epiphany Crafts is stunning and really added a point of beauty to the project.
  • I used several of the Vintage Street Market's cardstock buttons, but I used Epiphany Crafts Bubble Caps Round 14 to add dimension to two of the buttons to make the grouping stand out.
  • The clasp is from Vintage Street Market packaging! What fun.
  • I used the negative from the die to make a foil shadow for the Vintage Lady.
  • The string fastener was made with the disc and string from the packaging from Vintage Street Market packaging and Epiphany Crafts Vintage Settings.  Without hiding any of the design I love how it adds a bit more dimension to the project.
What fun I'm having with Epiphany Crafts tools and embellishments. carries Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio and Button Studio along with their accessories and embellishments. 

I wrote this blog post while participating on the Epiphany Crafts design team.

I have one more project I will be posting tomorrow evening.  Yes Virgina, Debby made a card!

Have a Craft Day!

Gratitude List
1.  a wonderful son and daughter-in-law
2.  challenges
3.  answers to prayers
4.  friends who walk with me on my journey
5.  God, the author and finisher of my faith


  1. your project looks amazing!!

  2. Love all the little details in your wonderful project!!

  3. I loved this when I first saw it~fabulous work!!!

  4. It looks fabulous!

  5. This is so beautiful. I love the vintage feel to it.


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