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From the beginning I've heard it said "Journaling, Journaling, Journaling."  There are classes and books dedicated to journaling.  Now it is popular to create Art Journaling.  I'm one of those who creates the layout first and then figures out where the journaling goes if I even journal.  With this journey I'm on I find myself wanting to share my story more and more.  I think I realize that the kids often do not know the story behind the photos so I need to tell them.

My journaling will rarely be by hand.  I do not have the handwriting I would like to have on my layouts.  I print my journaling on tags or bits of paper.  I love when I can journal nearly a length of the page.  In times past I would see these amazing layouts with full page journaling.  Often it was pre-12 x 12 printers.  I did not understand "how."  Many of the layouts had paper layering where you could use a narrower strip of paper to run through your computer.  The edging would go beneath another paper or covered by borders. 

My challenge:  Add a significant amount of journaling.

The Story
Jay turned 18 back in February.  Because of his busy schedule we did not celebrate his birthday until Friday/Saturday.  I wanted some photos ON his 18th birthday.  I would only see him once that day (school, after-school, and work).  That morning I pulled out my camera right before he leaves and ask him for a few photos of this very special day.  "It's just another day, Mom.  I've gotta go."  I pleaded for a second or two.  I took three photos and this one was the only one that that worked.  You can't recapture the moment.

The Layout

What I Learned
  • Think outside the box.  I've seen quite a few papers that have some type of diecut edging.  I wanted something different.  I cut off the right and left side of a bracket shaped paper.  That left the center of the paper.  I cut that in half.  I pieced them back together side by side to create the scalloped edge of the paper.
  • Sewing goes a long way to pop a page.
  • I love stamping with paint.  I have acquired several fonts of sponge stamps.  The edges of the "18" was nearly fading into the background.  I popped it back out by outlining the numbers with a black EK Success pen. 
  • I can get lost cutting out images that have wonderful details.  It's like relaxing and enjoying your coffee. 
  • I used Tim Holtz's Film Strip Ribbon to show a little history of Jay.  I loved how it turned out.  The film strip is also great to use with those index photos you get when you order prints.
  • Get your child up earlier so you can get those special photos!
Do you have a fun-ny photo story?  I'd love to read some of your adventures.  Leave a comment and share with everyone.  I can't wait.

Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List
1.  Tabitha and David
2.  Hannah, Amber, Raelyn
3.  Adam and Vanessa
4.  William and Jacob
5.  God allowing me this adventure of being their mom


  1. Wow! You sure did journal! What a fantastic layout. Yeah, most of my kids are the same way. "Come on MOM, I got to go." In fact my daughter told me to cut it out the grandbaby didn't know who I was without the camera stuck to my face!

  2. That layout is just amazing! Very beautiful!

  3. this is awesome~what a treasure for him!! beautiful work!!


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