Team Epiphany Crafts!

Epiphany Crafts and Vintage Street Market have teamed up for a fun time on Facebook this week.  I'm on Team Epiphany Crafts. 

"The Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio and Button Studio line of tools allow you to create your own custom epoxy shapes or acrylic buttons in just a few, quick, easy steps."  I love the word Custom!  I can match my embellishment perfectly to my papers!

Here is an excellent YouTube video by Scrapbook Trends about Epiphany Crafts Tools.

Is that not way cool?!
Okay on to my first Epiphany Crafts Project

The Story
This is a photo of my Uncle Joe Bill and Aunt Pat.  I really believe they were/are a great uncle and aunt.  They seem to always have fun, have a great attitude, complaining did not seem to be a word that would ever describe them.  I never saw Uncle Joe Bill ignore or treat the nephew and nieces like he was "the adult."  Uncle Joe Bill passed away doing what he loved...police work.  Aunt Pat's laughter
fills a room.  Several years ago she went through breast cancer.  Not one complaint.  Aunt Pat is strong and loves her family a great deal.  I love them both.

The Layout
What I Learned
  • Although I love and have tons of products to help me create my layouts I would rather make my own embellishments.  The epoxy embellishments I used are Round 25- "friends" and Flower 20. 
  • Vintage Street Market kits are fun.  They are a lot different from my experience with scrapbook paper.  They have a light glossy coat, but it holds ink wonderfully.  The kit includes an incredible amount of speciality paper:  brown tissue and a foil. 
  • Do not sew down the middle of tissue paper!  I like to have never got the tissue gathered up without tearing it up.  LOL  I would go back and use adhesive next time.
  • Just because a product comes a certain way it does not mean I have to use it that way!  Epiphany Crafts has these wonderful felt accessories.  They are stack in threes, largest to smallest.  I decided to pull them apart to mix and match and use it differently it differently.
  • Ranger's Archival Ink works great on a glossy paper.
  • Check out the tape that is holding the journaling tag to the page.  This is from Vintage Street Market.  It is a tinted tape.  This one is "Aged."  It is great to use as part of the style layouts I do.
This was so much fun to create.  Remember to check out Facebook this week for more ideas and a lot of fun.  Epiphany Crafts   Vintage Street Market

This post was created while participating on the Epiphany Crafts Design Team.

Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List
1.  early mornings
2.  a great family
3. encouragement
4.  mercy and grace in my life from God
5.  bright smiles, a promise of a new day, and the God's creation


  1. This is just adorable, Debby!

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  3. gorgeous layout--love the elements you used. and that story is wonderful.

  4. Great layout! I'd never seen Vintage Street Market before - they have some really cool stuff. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. Fantastic creative layout :)

  6. What a lovely layout! Just beautiful.

  7. Love your layout!

  8. Love the layout! Great use of the Epiphany tools!


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