Are You and the Kids Ready for Summer?

From Summer Camps to Summer Reading Programs I loved to take my children on adventures during their summer off from school.  This year I get to take my granddaughter to a summer class just for her.  I love summer and kids!  Our local newspaper lists a ton of summer fun activities for children in late March or early April. 

You'll have to excuse me here if I use my son, who graduating from High School next week, as my examples.  I'm a bit nostalgic.  The photos are not great because Jacob and I cut them up and made a book from them.  Yikes!  I digress.  There were always free or low cost camps and activities in our area.

Over two summers of looking through the newspaper and talking to friends Jacob attended: 

Summer Reading Programs

 Art Appreciation at the local Art Museum
Music and Drama Day Camp
 Drama Camp
Zoo Day Camp

Vacation Bible School

County Museum Summer Program

And there are activities in arts and crafts as well.  Ask at your local scrapbook store.  Ours is having a program through the summer for children.  Michael's Arts and Crafts does a summer children's program.  Often ACMoores hosts summer programs.  Ask at your local school and daycare.  You will be surprised what is hiding out there.
Did you know that Stampington & Company is publishing a magazine called Craft With Me focusing on children's art.  "The premiere issue of Create With Me brings together a wonderful variety of fun and inspiring artwork from artists of all ages."  Click on the link to order yours (nope, I receive no compensation).  It is in the style of all their magazines.  AWESOME!

If you are creating home summer projects or even if you are sending your child to camp the cleanest and easiest way to work with your crafts is with Glue Dots® Adhesives.  They have different adhesives for different projects.  There are many schools now asking for Glue Dots® Adhesives for the younger children instead of the traditional white glue.

Here is one summer project you can do WHILE on vacation. 

Sally Sold Sea Shells by the Sea Shore!
Glue Dots® Adhesives
     Continuous Line

In South Carolina the beach is the popular destination for children and their parents for the summer.  My favorite part of staying at the beach is getting up early and walking up and down the beach looking for sea creatures and shells.  Kids love to pick up shells no matter what size or how many they’ve already picked up.  My advice:  Keep ‘em!

Glue Dots® Adhesives are great for a mess free craft using those shells.  Take a pack of Glue Dots® Adhesives with you for those quiet times or rainy moments on the beach and make a few projects. 

We girls made a few necklaces to wear during the summer. 

Drill a hole (with an adult) for the roping to go through.  Fiskars Craft Drill is perfect for older children to work.  Remember to put something to protect the table.  The telephone book is my favorite.  With shells you will have to have a little patience because the shells are hard.
Add the roping.  I like using jute as it reminds me of the beach.

On the first necklace I used pearl beads attached with Glue Dots® Adhesives Mini.

On the second necklace I went around the inside edge of the shell with Glue Dots® Adhesives Continuous Line.  I added a small piece of rick-a-rack. 

Using Glue Dots® Adhesives Minis I added those small shells the children picked up to the larger shells. 

I added a hole to the bottom to hang a little charm I found of a starfish. 

Cover boxes, cups, make shell animals, or add them to your vacation journal.  The key is to have mess free, stress free summer. 

Happy Summer!

I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots® design team.

Everyone Have a Crafty Weekend!

Gratitude List
1.  energy to "keep up"
2.  safety for my daughter and her family
3.  a good humored husband
4.  Aunt Peggy
5.  the gift from God of our wonderful boy, Jacob


  1. I am so looking forward to summer with the kids here! We have lots of great things planned :)

    Very pretty and creative jewelry :)

  2. great project foe the grands!!! and me LOL :):) very cute!

  3. Wow great idea on the jewellery! It's winter here and so we are trying to do a lot of the things now that we can't do during summer as it's so hot. Great ideas you've put out there! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a great idea! And my children participated in many of these same activities...

  5. Love this craft! I want one of those Fiskars craft drills...didn't even know they made them! Oh, the things I could make with it! We have a few different camps this year: swimming, Girl Scouts, art camp and a summer reading program. And congrats on your son's graduation!


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