To Mom and Winner Annoucement

I have to tell you I'm having a lazy morning.  Sometime it just catches up with you and you need a lazy day.  Here's mine!  LOL  Here are a few shots of what my day holds:

 By day I'm Super Grandma and by night and weekends I'm Super Crafter.  TaDa!

I'm dedicating this post to Mom this Mother's Day.  Please excuse the mushy.

Mom you are a strong person.  You traveled the world with three kids, often by-yourself.  You had to adapt to cultures and languages.  You suffered through me and Scott bring home Lady Bugs and Snakes.  Being a Southern girl you had to bear the snow and ice.  You hung in there when you slipped and fell and Scott landed on you going Weeee!  Being military you had to adjust to friends coming and going out of your life.  You were strong when you were an ocean away from your mom and family.  You never showed how hard it was to pack up a household and move every three years for nearly 20 years.  You've come through your adult children's trials, watching, wanting to help but having to stand back and watch.  You are strong as Dad passed away after you took care of him for 10 years watching him decline and succumb to Parkinson.  Mom you are Strong!

Me 'n Mom

Mom you are fun.  I remember you dressing up to go to parties with Dad.  I loved seeing you dressed and sometimes gave me a fashion show.  You and Dad loved to give each other secret gifts that I didn't understand at the time, but I do now.  You had fun helping me learn to sew when I was in the Girl Scouts.  You jumped in with me when I was learning to skate and ride a bicycle.  I loved you making snow cream.  You had fun with your friends when you were learning to decorate cakes and I loved testing the results.  I loved the mini-trips we took when we lived in Germany.  You always had/have fun at family reunions visiting with everyone.  You delighted in cooking, which was cool to me. You were fun when the two of us travel to the Biltmore Estates for a day of culture.  Mom you are fun.

My Sister 'n Mom

Mom you are loving.  You've always loved us kids even when we tested the boundaries, which was more than once.  When I fell and hurt myself you always kissed my boo-boo.  I remember falling off my bicycle and falling into gavel embedding it into my knee.  You felt so bad trying to clean me up while I screamed.  When it was over you held me and I knew you loved me.  You created and planned my wedding with such care and love.  You became a Registered Nurse and cared for others with passion.  You love your mom with unending love and your brothers and sisters are often the center of your world.  You always take such loving care of all of them.  You care and love the world around you.  Mom you are loving.

Me 'n Mom

Mom you are talented.  Oh my goodness.  What can't you do?  You make drapes, recover furniture, restore old wood work.  You sew anything you wanted to and your pride and joy are your incredible quilts.  You are a Master cook.  I can't wait to have you cook next time your here.  Matter-of-fact the whole family can't wait!  You can knit, crochet and learning to tatting.  You grow the most beautiful flowers and your can grow potatoes, peas, and okra with the best of them.  Mom you are talented.


Mom you are beautiful.  No joke or just because I'm your daughter.  Dad knew you were the most beautiful woman in the world.  I always felt great pride introducing you to my friends.  You've always lived beautifully.  Mom you are beautiful.

Mom I love you.  Here's a bit of an excerpt from a book I read to my Jay when he was little:
"The son went to his mother.
He picked her up and rocked her
back and forth, back and forth,
back and forth.
and he sang this song:
     "I'll love you forever,
     I'll like you for always,
     As long as I'm living
     my Mommy you'll be."
Mom I love you.

Happy Mother's Day!

The Winner with their choice between Alphabet Soup or Steampunk Debutante:
Charisma3103 said...Gorgeous project Debby.. I love the Steampunk line it is so versatile for my needs I would use it to alter a few more projects in mind that I have.. I emailed a few friends to come check out your blog. As far as my style goes it's a little of this and a little of that it's whatever strikes my fancy at the time :)
Congrats!  Send your snail mail address and confirm your prize choice to

Tomorrow is our special day:  National Scrapbooking Day!  Other than making some memories at my granddaughter's soccer game I'm going to be right here scrapbooking and playing along on the net.  Check out these sites for National Scrapbooking Day fun:
Two Peas in a Bucket
Creating Keepsakes
Core'dinations and their Facebook page.
Do you know other sites?  Share them in the comments.  Thanks.

Gratitude List
1.  being a mom
2.  having a great mom
3.  my daughter who is now a mom
4.  my grandmother and great-grandmother who I had the privilege to know
5.  God setting up the family in a way that we are able to passed down our rich heritage through moms


  1. what an awesome tribute to your mom~she is blessed to have YOU for a daughter~and yes she is very beautiful and so are you!!!

  2. Debby what a beautiful tribute to your mom.. And thank you for making my day I am about to email you with my details

    Janie Boots

  3. love your gratitude list!!! :)

  4. Love the tribute to your mom. I could tell she is a beautiful person, even withot the pictures. Because she seems to be beautiful inside and out.

    For your Fiskateer readers, there is a fun line up there. While, the leads are away, the Fiskateers will still play! NanaBeth and Tona are going to be hosting all of the fun.

  5. Beautiful post today, Debbie! Loved reading it and such a nice way to honor your Mom!

  6. Congrats to the winner! That is awesome!

    Debby, thank you for such a beautiful post! Happy Mother's Day to you and your Mom!!

  7. What a lovely post! Thank you for sharing! :o)


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