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My mother-in-law is one of the most gifted women. There is not much she can not do including cooking the best yellow rice and chicken and baking a red velvet cake! Yummmm She loves putting together puzzles. It's an art form and a math problem all rolled into one. And of course, she can do Sudku like it was nothing. Pictured here is just a little of her work. She made Wedding Ring quilts for both her children and all her grandchildren. She loved knitting afghans and throws. And still, every year, we receive two new hand towels that have been cut in half, knitted a top and added a button. Everyone in the family gets two every year and we love and treasure them greatly. Mom has two children, 7 grandchildren, 8 great grandchildren. Her and Dad will celebrate their 58th wedding anniversary this September. I greatly admire my mother-in-law and love her dearly. Did you see the video at the top?! Wow! This was outside my house Saturday. This is South Carolina and not South Dakota. Although we have had hail before, I've never seen it this big, coming down this fast or hard. Okay I have to show you a couple of silly pictures. This is the scrapbooker in me. In the middle of the storm with lightening and coming down hard with the hail, I ran out and scooped up a handful of hail and my son quickly took these pictures. My friend called me asking if we were all okay and that they were praying for us because of the weather. I don't know if she was angry or just thought I'd lost my mind when I told her what I did. LOL Sorry, scrapbooking comes first! Too funny.
Comment challenge/RAK: (Read March 9th's post to see what's up) Whatever your craft is whether it is scrapbooking, quilting, painting, etc., leave a comment on what impact crafting has had on your life.
1. Friends who care to pray.
2. Safety, even in my foolishness.
3. Opportunities to scrapbook my life
4. Jim's love
5. God's overwhelming love and protection.

Please pray for job opportunities (aka in the creative arts) so that I'm might help my husband support our family.


  1. That hail looks like shiny pearls! I've only seen hail a couple of times, and it was never that big. Tell your family that at least one of your readers would have been right out there taking pictures with you. LOL :)

    It's great you get along so well with your mother-in-law. I have a great one, too. She lives with us in an apartment we built for her downstairs.

  2. I couldn't believe that hail! WOW!!!!
    Your mother-in-law is amazing!

  3. Love the picture of the hail in your hands! Definitely a great scrapbooking moment considering it occurs with such infrequency down there.

    My husband's grandmother made us a quilt, the same one as your MIL did for you, for our wedding. It's absolutely gorgeous and is put to use every (cold) day.

    Crafting allows me an escape. It also allows me to have a different perspective on life surrounding me. Because I scrapbook and take such a concern as to pictures now, I look at the world around me with much wider open eyes -- actually seeing more of the beauty in my surroundings, etc.

  4. Hi Debby
    Great quilts, ur mother-in-law is amazing, kind of reminds me of my grandma.
    Hail storms are incredable, scary but incredable. I live in manitoba and last year we had a terrific one, the hails were almost as big as golf balls, my sister collected them and lined them up on the balcony rail. LOL I hav pictures somewhere, I think, Urs would make a great scrapbook LO.
    I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't craft, not only does it allow me to use my talents, but it also helps me interact with people. I'm kind of shy so it helps having something that people talk about. Also it helps me give God the glory He deserves, by creating inspirational and spitiral cards I can spread His word my own way.

  5. Anonymous12:02 AM

    I watched your video.. Debby. that is quite something.. you did wonderfull vidio taping.. we had this size only once that I can remember. that was 27 years ago. I was married for 1 week. and I had my bedroom window open.. and some one said my husbands name.. he should go and have a look at the grain bins.. and so we did one was bent up and rolled against the trees.and the grain was lying nicely on it's pile. that was something. your storm brought back those memories.. TFS..mariah # 2457

  6. WOAH!!! That is some hecka hail u got!!! Crazy! What a photo!

  7. WOW...hailstorms-yikes

    Crafting has helped me express my feelings in thoughts in very uinque ways and i am fover grateful that i was blessed with the creatvity i have


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