My Dear Aunt Ruth

I want to showcase my Aunt Ruth. I went through my pictures for two days and the one here is the only one I could find. Pre-Scrapbooking days. Aunt Ruth is actually my husband's aunt, but she was the absolute greatest. When I joined the family she welcomed me unconditionally. For about 10 years we lived walking distance from each other. She had her first grandchild as I was having my third child. She had a beautiful spirit and a heart for God.

Aunt Ruth with my son, Adam

My Aunt Ruth could knit and earlier in life crochet. She was a miracle everyday I knew here. Aunt Ruth had rheumatoid arthritis that was very aggressive. When I first met her she could barely use her hands, elbows, and shoulders and yet she would, on her good days make crafts.

Aunt Ruth died a few years ago. About 2 months after the funeral her son and daughter-in-law sent this towel and hot pad to me. They told me that Aunt Ruth's health had gone down hill fast, but she was thinking of her family while she lay in bed suffering from the arthritis, kidney failure, and many other things that were shutting down because of the arthritis. She made and knitted somethings for her son and his family, all her nieces and nephews, and other special people in her life. That is courage. When I received the package, I cried, but I so wanted to hug my aunt one more time.
Special Note: Take pictures take pictures take pictures! And tell the people in your family how much you love!

Comment Challenge/RAK: who are you going to let know you really love and appreciate them? Leave a comment here.

Great News: By the middle of April I will have a new website called Creative Dreams. I have my own scrapbooking business now. So be watching and see how it all comes together and hopefully you can be one of my first customers!

Oh, I have to share my layout "Elephant Poop." I have gotten such a kick out of it. I hope you can click on it and get the whole story. Basically, someone gave me a sheet of homemade paper, made from Elephant Dung in South Africa. To answer one overriding question: No, it does not smell any different than any other paper! So much fun!! Gratitude List:
1. Strength
2. Coffee
3. Fiskadeal
4. Creative Dreams
5. My Father who allows opportunities to serve and glorify Him.


  1. what a wonderful idea and tribute! I love this!

    I also totally adore your layout- the colors and the paper as well as the design. Gorgeous!

  2. my grandmother she and i are not really close i was always closer to my pawpaw but i lost him 2 years ago and realized just how special my maw maw is to me !!

  3. Your LO is so cool... Your aunt seems like a very specail person....

    The ppl i'm going to tell how specail they are too my are my twin sis and and my best friend Barbs. They're a shining light and have helped me thru so much! thx for encouraging us to share how much the ppl closest to us really mean to us

  4. My husband. He is always doing so much for our family and asks nothing in return. The least I can do is let him know that I appreciate him and what he does for us.

  5. Your tribute to your aunt is beautiful. You make me wish I'd known her, too! I am going to make a gift for my mother to let her know she's appreciated.

    Kimberley from Fiskateers (2626)

  6. How wonderful - She sounds like a great person. The people that I want to let know how special they are is my in-laws - I dont know what i would do without them. They are wonderful and have taught me lots of great stuff. marla #3291

  7. What a lovely story Debby... love ur LO on the elephants as well:) Kris #2961

  8. That is SOO exciting that you're almost into the business entirely! Can't wait to see the site!

    As for someone to tell how much I love and appreciate...I lost 3 of my 4 grandparents from Jan 24, June13, & Oct 2, 2007. I wasn't able to say goodbye to them because I didn't live in the same state as any of them and was a schoolteacher so taking the time off was hard (the 1st and 2nd deaths occured during midterm/final exams). So now the person that I absolutely make sure to show my appreciation and love for is my surviving grandmother. However, the deaths brought a lot of our famiy back together, so I spend a lot more time on the phone and email with her, a long-lost aunt...and even my parents I talk to more often, do things for more often, etc.

  9. Anonymous11:07 PM

    Such a nice story. My special people would be my parents. They keep giving and giving and always so loving. Can't imagine my live with out them! Heather #3891

  10. sweepnut7:39 PM

    My husband and I get so busy taking care of the children, the house, etc. that sometimes we forget each other. I think it is SO important to not let life's chaos get in the way of sharing our love.

    I love your Elephant LO...great job!

    Sweepnut #3618

  11. What a Beautiful Story
    I lov making things for my mom and sisters letting them know how much I lov and appreciate them. Lately I'v been thinking of making something for my grandma, I haven't done many crafts for her, cuz shes kind of oldfashioned and I didn't figure shed want it. But lately I'v been noticing that she feels left out when I give my sisters, mom, sister-in-law, and aunt, something that I'v crafted. so I'v decided to come up with something to make for her.
    Lov ur elephant page, I'm a big fan of recycling.

  12. My best friend Harriette. I lost her 4 years after a 5 year battle with breast cancer. She was the most incredible person-she found good in everyone and made you WANT to live up to her expectations.

  13. Anonymous11:56 PM

    I have a friend who has lots of elephant ornaments.. especiaaly stuffed ones..I love your elaphant LO..It's very nice.. Mariah # 2457


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