The Next Generation

What am I doing to help the next generation to carry on what we were taught as children. Since I wasn't gifted in any area other than scrapping and I only started that in the last 6 years, I've been working hard to influence my grandchildren's artistic endeavors.
Amber has been crafting probably since she was old enough to hold a crayon in her hand. I remember in her first home she has a corner of the dinning room a desk full of crafts. Any Birthday or Christmas Amber was receiving crafty gifts. At one point she wasn't even able to open all her gifts because she received so many.

About three years ago she went through her scrapbooking phase and I had so much fun having her scrapbook with me. And she was good. As with many of us phases come and go. But Amber remained the artist. I hope she will always stay a little scrappy in her heart.

These are her latest creations. The self portrait is Watercolor and the second painting is oils.

Amber is 13 years old and plans on going to school to become an artist. I believe she'll make it and do excellent.

Comment Challenge: Leave a comment on what you are doing to pass the craft on to the next generation. It does not have to be a family member.

Gratitude List:

1. Precious Sleep

2. Mother's health getting better.

3. Amber and Hannah

4. Tabitha's making it home okay from California.

5. God's love in giving us the ability to enjoy Him always.


  1. I am fortunate enough to get to share the love of crafting with all kinds of people...but my favorite has been teaching homeschooled children how to quilt. I was part of a homeschool Co-Op, and my contribution was a learn to quilt class. The kids had so much fun...and they were amazing! From picking out their fabrics to the actual quilting...they did such an awesome job! The coolest that even when I see them now (more than a year later), they are still using and proudly displaying projects they made in my class! :D Also, when I volunteered at CKC Portland, my friend's daughter asked to tag along...she ended up volunteering as well, and now she has the scrapbug! :D

  2. I forgot to add...beautiful work from Amber! She is a talented young lady! :D TFS!

  3. What am I doing? I have given scrapbooks to all my 3 sisters and two brothers and mom & year for albums I made from February through November of past history and present. I have quite a few nieces who have starred in my pages and I give them to them. Christmas gifts and graduation cards are always crafty. They know who to come to if they want to be artistic!! And my sons' poster board projects look pretty darn goo, too!

  4. Sweepnut #36185:11 PM

    My 9-year old is my sidekick and is usually with me when I shop. When I started shopping for my scrapbook supplies, he decided that he wanted to have some of his own supplies as well. His stash has grown in these 2 years since I started scrapbooking and he has turned into quite an artist. He just amazes me with his creative pages. Some are so hilarious and others will almost make you cry (because they are just so sweet). Sometimes we have our own challenges for each other to scrap the same pictures, or theme. It is fun to see the outcome and compare. It's great to have my little scrapbooking buddy right at home :-) I am truly blessed.

  5. What an artist, I lov teaching younger kids about art, mostly my cousins. Lately they've gotten into scrapbooking and I'v lent them books and given tips to help them get started. (Anyway I hope so. LOL) One cousin--a 10 year old girl who spends alot of time in our house, likes to watch me, but I hav a hard time getting her to accept my help, shes at that age where she thinks she can do everything by herself, so I just let her ask questions when she feels like it, and it does happen. LOL, in the end shes very curious about the verious tools and tricks included in scrapbooking.
    My 3 year old neice was visiting for a few days, and my mom to keep her occupied, decided to buy her beads to string. Which we found out-to our delight, she loves doing, she adores beads and loves creating necklaces with them.

  6. Karen7:09 PM

    I started scrapbooking fairly recently, and my 14 yo daughter is right there with me. She's even taken some classed with me, and we rently went to a crop! I love sharing this activity with her!
    Karen, #3441

  7. wow those are sooooo awesome!!! she is very talented!

  8. both of my daughters 14 and 8 love to scrap and have their own supplies. I usually take the 8 year old to a Mommy and Me class once a month. The 14 year old says she is to big for this class and prefers to go with me to the adult classes, however I have taken both girls a couple of times for even the adult classes. The 8 year old loves crafts of any sort and will ask for craft things for gifts. Quite often we will all 3 start to scrap together for a long weekend.


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