Day Three is here and It's Been a ScraPerfect Week!

Wow! I’ve been getting some projects completed. I love playing with the Quick Quotes paper, die cuts and vellum quotes. It is a very different style from my norm and I love it.

Did you not love the Best Glue Ever from ScraPerfect? I think I will be needing more very soon! LOL Our winner from Day 2 of their own bottle of Best Glue Ever is

2MiniSchnauzers said...

I've always stayed away from using glue on my layouts. By watching you demo this awesome product, I'm willing to give it a try. I love the way it comes out clear on the vellum and acrylic! Thanks so much for sharing!

Congratulations.  Send your address to

I love saying Embellie Gellie. It makes be laugh it sounds so jolly. It truly is a simple idea, a simple product but makes crafting so much simpler for using Embellie Gellie.

Watch the video. Leave a comment and I’ll draw another ScraPerfect winner tomorrow for one of your own ScraPerfect Embellie Gellies. Take the opportunity to explore Amy’s website ScraPerfect. She has an awesome video there where she was interviewed at the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show. Also on the Home Page is our own Sudie Alexendar from unKit Live.

My peach cobbler has just cooled enough for a bowl. Hmmmm, yummy. I love peach season.

Gratitude List
1. peaches
2. blessing that that SC passed the budget for ETV
3. prayer warriors
4. God’s overwhelming love
5. …and reminder He really is in control


  1. WOW That is awesome!!! Would be great for picking up those tiny bling pieces and pearls!!! What a great product!!!!
    Thanks for a chance to win!!!

  2. Debby you are totally fantastic! For chunky embellishments either roll them off the Embellie Gellie or better yet, as Debby pointed out, let the Best Glue Ever set for just a tiny bit -- it gets tackier as it dries. Just a couple of seconds even makes a difference. The embellishments will instantly transfer from the tacky Embellie Gellie to the tackier glue all that easier.

    Even works for those tiny nail gems!

  3. Wow! I bet that would work for those little tiny letters in the justrite stamps. I have a hard time holding on to those! Peach cobbler sounds great! We are enjoying too many berry cobblers lately, but, oh, so good! :o)

  4. love teh embellishment gellies!

  5. Love the embellishment gellies! so funny bc the other day i was working on a card, and was trying to do the bling gem onto the flower and i kept losing them onto the floor. I say to myself there got to be something i can use to pick these darn small bling. lol I will be adding this to my wishlist to buy.

    PS my daughter wave hi to your video! :)

  6. Now I'm on the right comment...I swear I'll spell it right this time...LOL Embellie Gellie...that sounds like so much fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. Wow, that embellie gellie looks like a very useful new tool. Will have to see if I can get ahold of one.

    That peach crisp sounds delic. Think that I will buy the stuff to make one this weekend.

  8. I love your beautiful layout. so pretty

  9. That's pretty neat stuff Debby, thanks for sharing!

  10. Another awesome product you shared with us Debby. Love your beautiful LO!!

  11. Such a lovely page! And it definitely is kind of fun to say embellie gellies! LOL.

  12. very nice thanks for sharing..

  13. I could not get the sound to work (my computer is having issues), but I got the idea of how this works. Looks like a valuable item to have when you are using gems on a layout. I am disabled, and I find working with little gems very frustrating. I think this will help me there.

  14. Embellie Gellie...hmm, sounds like it will really get me out of a jam! Thanks for sharing! -Joyce

  15. rachelle8:49 PM

    Embellie Gellie and Peach Cobbler - think I'm getting hungry!

  16. Love the layout Debbie it's gorgeous hun I haven't seen the Embellie Gellie in person yet....

    Janie Boots


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