Day 4 "Cards You've Been Dealt"

Day Four of “Cards You’ve Been Dealt.” This has been a crazy week and having to dig deep to do these layouts has been difficult.

My card for today is my struggles to maintain a good weight. I was never blessed with one of the metabolisms that stay pretty much in the center of life. LOL I was a tiny thing when I was a child. When puberty hit my life changed and my weight became an issue for the rest of my life. I’ve been medically too small and medically too large. I’ll be honest it’s a card I wish I could toss back in the deck and say “Hit me Again.”

Weight is such a personal issue and people often look at you and ask don’t you have any self-control. If eating were my issue I’d be the healthiest person out there. It’s the package of healthy eating, healthy middle of the road exercising, and actually keeping anxiety out of the kitchen.

For me my weight has been a “reflection” of who I am as a person. It’s only been recently I’ve been able to say that it’s Christ who is the “reflection” of who I am as person.

I’m going to keep up the good fight. I know I’m not alone in my struggles and that keeps me in tennis shoes and a hat!!

My son is off to take his ACT for college tomorrow and I won't be around so Day Five will go up late Saturday or early Sunday!

Gratitude List
1. an answer to prayer
2. God who hears my cries
3. God’s provision for me
4. my beautiful accomplished Tabby
5. God’s hand directing my Jay’s future


  1. Really love this one Debby! Great job again on the sharing and the layout! I'd love to know some of the products you used in this one!...Nancy :o)

  2. This is so cute. I love the chandelier. You did an awesome job.

  3. What a great challenge and page.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog during the OWH hop & leaving such a sweet comment. I thought I was finished the hop but somehow got mixed up clicking on a link 3/4 thru so missed your post. silly me & so something I do lol .... You had a beautiful card.


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