Day Two "Cards You've Been Dealt" Dare Ya! and Giveaway

Day Two is almost gone. I taught all morning at my local AC Moores to three wonderful women. Maybe I can coax a photo out of them in a week or so. I’m teaching my first round of Scrapbook Design and You from EK Success and I love it. I have openings in round two for July. Just contact our local AC Moores if you are in the greater Columbia area.

Yesterday was a hard, maybe my hardest blogging day ever. Being “naked” is hard. Being real is harder than you can imagine. So why did I do it? I’m not alone in on going physical or emotional issues and it’s awesome the responses via email and comments that I got. I don’t recommend it for everyone, but I’m glad I could if it encourages others not to be so alone.

“Card’s You’ve Been Dealt” day two I need to pick to be much more fun after a “heavy” yesterday. Growing older is not for the weak or wimpy. It’s tough! Do I hear an “AMEN?” One of the great-unexpected joys of growing older is grandchildren. These are my two grandchildren from my oldest son. It’s very different from your children, but just when you don’t think your heart can hold another ounce of love and joy God surprises you by showing you that you have a whole new room just for your grandchildren. They are both a great joy to me and one of my cards dealt to me is two sided----they are my joy but I don’t get to be with them very much.

I have to share two things: A- is about to go on a short-term mission trip (fyi…these photos are old!!) to help in rebuilding Haitian communities after the quake. Please remember her in prayer. Now H-is a handful. During the wedding we were walking around the rehearsal dinner together holding hands. We were laughing and talking. She stopped me and said “Grandma, I’m not going to leave you until I die.” I cried. No matter the distance or circumstance she and I will always have a special bond. I did not know my Grandmother until I was 13 and she was the love of my life. Both of my babes are my unreal and unexpected joy!

Tomorrow afternoon is day three! See ya’ then and don’t forget to leave your link in my new inlink at the end of the post. I think this is the coolest gadget.

Gratitude List
1. people who listen when you just need to raise the roof
2. grandchildren
3. God’s work in answering my prayers daily for my family
4. tea and a friend
5. God’s grace is sufficient, truly it is


  1. It's funny how I felt the need to do a happy card today too! lol I love your layout Debby! The flowers are beautiful & if you've ever visited my other blog you may know that "JOY" is a recurring theme! Thanks for sharing again!...Nancy :o)

  2. oooooooo love your happy card. and the lo is beautiful the flowers are yummy and love how you did t he title. woo hoo!

  3. oh I get the old thing... for sure, today my blog is all about it!

  4. I am SO going to try your dare .. I love it

  5. This layout is absolutely beautiful. The joys of being a grandparent. I am not one yet and hopefully not for a long while teehee. I just know my MIL was the perfect grandmother to my children.

  6. Beautiful LOs. I really enjoyed the story behind the challenge. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Hello again, Debbie! I've been working on this project, but since I'm doing them in all one mini book, I'm saving them all to upload today (Sunday). :) I'm excited about this project. I think each card is surprising me a little as I scrap it. As a matter of fact, I may do an extra card or two to round out the book. :) And it doesn't hurt as incentive that I'm totally drooling over that letterpress. It's quite the carrot! I'm totally psyched to see everyone else's books/layouts too!


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