Day Five "Cards You've Been Dealt" Dare Ya and Giveaway

Day Five.  I don't know why I torture myself with these challenges.  LOL  I have to tell you they are often tough as I have to reflect and remember the great times as well as the pain.  Thanks for all those that did the same.  If you did some or all of the challenge but did not want to post them publicly, you are welcome to email me at to let me know you did and how many you did.  I'll add you to the drawing tomorrow morning for the Quickutz L Letterpress Starter Kit.  I will give those who did post their layouts double of the chance of winning. 

Day Five had to be my children.  Our children are the greatest blessing for me and Jim.  Yeah, even through the changing of the diapers, runs to the emergency room for stitches or casts, unending soccer games, thousands of dollars to the dentist, puberty (and we are still in that one....I can do it all except rolling of the eyes!) watching each one fly the nest and choose a life partner.  It is the hardest job we've ever done.  To love unconditionally your children and then kick them out of the nest to prove they are indeed the men or woman you raised them to be. 

Our children have been the most fun we've ever had.  William at age 3 picking up a Cadbury Egg in the grocery store and sitting on it and clucking like a chicken.  William being the ring leader in a play about a circus....the kids have hid the video from me as I loved to show it to the friends that came over.   LOL  William was always our clown.

Tabitha and her sassy outfits when she was 12, 13, 14 years old.  Or her reaction when Me the and Boyfriend decided to have a talk after he presumed to tell me how to raise my daughter.  And she wrote beautiful poetry that I still have. Tabitha will always be our creative, on the edge child.  

Adam hanging from the top bunk bed put their by his brother and sister.  The laughter watching the video of Adam singing Teenage Mutant Niji Turtles in full costume.   Or what about High School when he wore a leather and velvet outfit to school, never to wear it again after the first time.  Shy, quiet Adam is always our child of bold surprises. 

Jacob at the age of 2 deciding to go for a walk on his own and panicking Jimmy until he was found at the stop sign down the road.  Matter-of-fact, he went for a walk at 1.5 at my work when someone opened the doors to the library to let him out in the center of the campus.  Or when he was in 3rd grade he decided not to tell his camp counselor he was going on a hike with one of the teen counselors and the girls group.  45 minutes of sheer terror on the entire camp of having lost a child in the mountains.  Funny now, but not then.  Jacob is our child who will wonder far from home and listen to the beat of his own drum.

My blessings, my best cards given me by God, my children.

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Gratitude List
1. Tabitha, William, Adam, and Jacob
2.  God, thank you for all of them
3.  strength to be a mom
4.  forgiveness for falling short so many times
5.  God, being my Father and teaching me about love


  1. I really love this page you turned the kids photos into cards! Wonderful! It's also great to read the stories about your kids! lol So much fun! Thanks again for this challenge Debby! It's the first time that I've actually had a challenge done early! Although parts of it were very difficult for has also been of great benefit! Thank you very much!...Nancy :o)

  2. I love the card challenge layout, how creative!

  3. Okay, here are my links! I'll try to put the first 5 on the daily posts, too. :)


    Card 1:

    Card 2:

    Card 3:

    Card 4:

    Card 5:

    Card 6:

    Card 7:

    Card 8:

  4. This whole blog post is a beautiful tribute to your children.
    I soooo love your layout.

  5. TracyM #67737:15 AM

    I have loved your layouts Debby and appreciate how you have shared so much with us. Your "kid cards" are so cute and I hope that you are going to keep the wonderful journaling you have posted here today - so many special memories :)Sorry that I haven't commented on them all over here but have tried to keep up with them over in the Fiskateer gallery.


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