Getting Real!

It's time to go back to my roots of "Getting Real" on Debby's Dare Blog.  LOL  Enjoy the video blog post. 

I still have two outstanding giveaways:  last post and the post prior to that one.  If you haven't left a comment please do.  Especially on the "logo" post.  I would love your feedback. 

Donna Downey's blog is Simply Me.

Me and Hannah Getting Down with a Game of Checker at the Cracker Barrel Sunday!  LOL
(hubby took photo with phone)

I'm nearly packed up for the day.  Now to get a little less "real" for my time out.  LOL

Gratitude List
1.  opportunities
2.  less pain
3.  Christ died once for all that I might have life
4.  the beauty of God's creativity all around me
5.  a heart full of God's grace this morning


  1. Good morning Debby! I'm so glad I could watch your video youtube isn't working! Good to see you so happy and excited! I can't wait to see what's coming! Have a great day!...Nancy :o)
    ps. My husband gave me a Slice for my birthday and I LOVE it!!

  2. I love that you are real! Thanks for sharing YOU with me! I would hate to miss any of your videos! I get your emails in the evening and it's kind of like dessert at the end of my day!


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