"All About You in 52" Question 5

First four weeks caused us to look hard into some parts of who we are that are totally joyful, hilarious and painful. I do want to encourage you to continue or start "All About You in 52." I'm not looking just at the past, but looking at those memories that have molded me to be who I am today.

Before I had children I was very shy and backwards. I have proof. I found several of my old report cards.

I was told that "Debbie doesn't participate much to class discussions." All my report cards have something about needing to participate more or about me being shy. LOL Today I'm quiet at times, but when I need to be or when I'm totally in my comfort zone I'm certainly not shy. All my experiences to now has created that in me and I'm GLAD!

One more very hard to journal question then next week I'll make it an easy one just for the break and the fun.

Question 5

"Whose Life Have You Influenced Outside Your Immediate Family?"

To me this was the hardest of all questions. Why? Because in the way I interrupted the question I had to commit to writing a very humbling idea. That I can and do influence people, even those I have no idea about. Many moons ago I taught at conferences for my church. I taught children about God's Love. This little girl who I only met once. Wrote me a letter a little after she married to let me know that she credited her current life to that one moment in time. She is a Christian, married to a pastor with her own ministry. How humbling is God's work in our lives.

Here's the answer to the question for me this week.

"Humbling Thought"

The journaling reads:

"Joan once told me “if not for me” she would not be at this point in her life. Joan was my professor, colleague, travel buddy & friend. She was with me at the worse moment of my life. During this time I met someone who literally saved my life and later became her mentor. Due to my crisis she learned about the psychological side of crises. God began guiding her in a different direction. Dr. Havens is now a counselor; helping others. She tells me “if not ….” It is a humbling thought."


Pattern Paper, Cloud 9's Finely Estate

Slice, by Making Memories for the lettering and flowers

Cloud 9 Eyelet Rain Dots

Kaiser Scrapbooks, Pearls

My Mind's Eye Transparency

Teresa Collins, used her paper as a pattern for my journaling block.

Remember to post a link to your finished work in this post. The link will be at the top of any of my posts as well as to the right of my posts.

This week's winner, chosen by Random.org is ...

Groovy Deborah! Hurray and Congratulations! Send me your mailing addy.

RAK for next week is from Karen Foster. This is a paper line about "Hero's." I thought is was appropriate for this week's question.

Note: some of the packages have not gone out yet because I was waiting on a few address. But I'm not waiting. They will go out today. Thanks for your patience.

I have a lot to share about my adventures and news, but I'm going to hold off until tomorrow.

Gratitude List:

1. Safety on the Road

2. Shannon's enthusiasm and walk with God

3. Endurance

4. New friends

5. God's ability to never be surprised at my short comings and His love to see me through.


  1. that is a really tough question. I'd like to think it's my daughter...

  2. This challenge is so hard. You make everyone look inside themself and answer hard questionns. I am not on your wall , but am going to try to catch up in the next couple weeks. I love the questions and the way you have everyone thinking.

  3. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Great page...love the sentiment :) Thanks for the great challenges, as well!

  4. I love that page Debby and what a great question! Even if I haven't had a chance to do the pages along with you I do love the thought provoking question. That is amazing that that girl wrote to you. How sweet and thoughtful! I am sure she is not the only one you touched! :)

  5. Wow Debby, I was a shy little girl too! But now people would never believe it! LOL Thanks for dreaming up this challenge. It has become part of my life. And I can't wait for Mondays to come! So you have touched many more lives than you realize!
    Thanks, Jessica

  6. What a thought-provoking question that definitely deserves some pondering. Such a beautiful layout and sentiment.

  7. That is such a touching story!!! And how great of her to write you to let you know you impacted her life. WOW!! I love stories like that! Heaven will be amazing discovering all those stories, don't you think?

  8. That is a beautiful page. Your journaling is fantastic and so meaningful. Love it!

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  11. Huh - I can't seem to get this right today. Check out week 5 at http://shellykin52.blogspot.com

  12. Okay I could use a what is your favorite color question next. . . way to much thinking LOL just kidding it has been good for me. You can find my week 5 here.


  13. Ok Debby, my week 5 lo is up on my blog. Along with some valentines I made this week from a kit. I like that they are not the usual hearts and flowers stuff. Let me know what you think! Jess

  14. here is mine and not late on a sunday night :)

  15. This was such a wonderful question! And the timing of it couldn't be more perfect for me. So...here's mine. I have a two page version in my gallery too, because it was difficult to leave some of the photos out.


  16. This was the hardest question yet. I finally came up with an answer. Here is my layout:


  17. Anonymous8:30 PM

    My week 5

  18. Week 5 completed and posted to my blog!!

  19. these questions are all fantastic - definitely has me thinking out of the box for my pages - I have posted the first 5 on my blog http://dynamomomof2.blogspot.com/2009/02/all-about-you-in-52.html

  20. I finally finished mine...you can see it here
    This was and easy one for me!

  21. Here's my week 5 - http://www.fiskateers.com/community/photo/37287/

  22. I'm catching up! My latest page is on my blog: http://angie-muchadoaboutnothing.blogspot.com/

  23. Getting closer to being caught up! :)
    Here's mine, along with a typed verion of the journaling (since this one's all journaling).

  24. here's another one finally done

  25. Okay, I confused week 4 and week 5, but now they are both done and posted on my blog at mdawnr@blogspot.com!

  26. I'm late, but it's on my blog! scrappinwithshannon.blogspot.com


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