All About You in 52, Week 8

{Scrap, Rattle and Roll Fiskateer Crop}
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Two months and for me this is the hardest question. Not only to answer, but to answer and write it down. Our journey through life is full of moments of faith. No matter what your faith is, there is faith.

If you haven't guessed by now through my blog, I am a Christian, believing in God, in three persons Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I believe with all my heart that God Loves me. I know that the Son was sent as a Propitiation for my sin. I know that His Spirit guides me through each day. I know God's Word is true and relevant to me today. Okay, sermon done...but I wanted to make sure and since it is my blog I can do that!!

I've have had faith moments all through my as I write this I can think of another Faith moment, I could have scrapped. I'll write it down and scrap it anyways! I remember my first awareness of God in this world. I could not have been but about 9. My parents did not attend church. I went to mass and catechism with my friend Joan Fernandez from time to time. I had this Bible with the zipper closure that was given to me by a friend of my father Sept. 18, 1962. I always thought they were sort of my God-parents.

{Yes, I still have it after all these years!}

{My Favorite Page as a child...still is}

I've always picked up that Bible to see the pictures...beautiful works of art of the history of biblical events. They were beautiful and peaceful to me. One day, I was sitting at the window of my bedroom when I was about 9. I remember looking out at the backyard, I remember the street sign "21 Jupiter Strs," it was grey outside. At that moment I knew God was real and not a story in a book. I knew but it would be years before I understood the moment. At the age of 49 I can remember that moment like it was yesterday.

Question 8
What is one moment of Faith for you?
My answer:

Performance has been a real task master for me. I was taught young & reaffirmed throughout my life that performance is how you gain acceptance & approval for who you are.

Three years ago while struggling with the issue of forgiveness I knew that I had been trying to earn my forgiveness. A dear friend & my pastor listened to my story, he knew I was suffering.
Dave chuckled & said “Deborah, you don’t understand the Cross at all.”

This took me off guard. I am a student of the Bible how can I not understand? My past experience was overriding what I knew to be true.

God’s forgiveness for every specific deed was complete & unmerited. Only God’s love merits His sacrifice for my unbelief. That understanding was my moment of Faith.

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Week 7 RAK goes to Rhonda! Oh, my goodness. Go read her journaling. I cried and could not stop. What a blessing you are giving your son Rhonda. Send me your address and I'll get your journal out to you.

I have two options for RAK's on this week's Dare. I'll announce what Week 8's RAK will be a little later.

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Gratitude List:
1. The Word of God
2. Peace
3. Peace
4. Peace
5. The Peace God's Word brings to my heart, even on the hardest of days.


  1. I just finished making some Mother Day & Fathers Day cards "For the Troops" I need to make my mom's card, my dad's card, & my mother-in-laws card. I always try to stay at least a couple months ahead with my cards because you never know when something might come a chat or an online crop LOl.

  2. Way to go Tona on making cards ahead of time. I really should do this since I know March & April will be busy months. Debby I have just been whating for your dare. You make me really think.

  3. I think I had that same Bible as a kid. By the way, love the dares. I have kept up on the journaling, just haven't posted to my blog yet, hoping to get pages done soon. Thanks for doing this

  4. Debby, just wanted to say a quick "thank you" to you. I enjoy reading about your Faith, trials and tribulations! This past month and a half has been very hard for us and I find some self peace in reading your words.

    Hugs, Patty 2832

  5. Tough question for me considering I am now working on a faith moment in my life I have a feeling this will be a tough one for me to answer. ..

    I am working on some ATC for a swap and trying to get a baby book done for my Niece that is having her first little one.

  6. Hey Debby, question: when you say leave our link in the originalpost, Do you mean the first one, in Jan? or the original post for that week, which has been what I've been doing. Thanks so much for these pokes at our imagination!

  7. Such an amazing layout Debby. Love the journaling on here!

  8. Hey lady-I know I've only done one challenge-these are EXTREMELY hard for me internally so I'm looking back at all challenges and will be working on some this weekend...this makes you look at yourself and sometimes that's really hard to put it to paper for all to see. It's important though for my children so I CAN & WILL DO SOME!!!

    Hoping you have a blessed week!

    KateB *F 4529

  9. Debby, I do have this Bible(but in black!)I just found your blog from the Fiskateer's site!

  10. YOu can find my week's LO here:

    Thanks Debby for making this possible.

    My week 8

  12. I jotted the question down just before leaving for the crop tonight without having a chance to read the rest of the entry, so I took "Act of Faith" a bit differently. Here's my layout:

    The journaling says...
    "An Act of Faith...not my specialty. I like to read, research, and plan. Take a poll and then think about it awhile. But after Small Change died, I saw this photo of an orange kitten on the Second Chance website and I just knew everything would be okay if I only had that much unabashed cute in my life."

    So, not a religious experience, but an act of faith nonetheless. As I noted in my gallery, I'll hit on that topic another time, okay? :)

  13. Okay I finished my layout and here it is :

  14. I think I took a little different approach to this question, in that it reminded me of my best friend, a woman of strong faith. So I did my layout on her constant example of how to live by that faith. Hope that's ok.

  15. here is mine I am not happy with it yet might need to do something around the journaling.

  16. This one was actually easy for me. The picture of my layout isn't so good, though. Have to work on that.

  17. I am so sorry the post written by a Mari_Ellen was really me northernmemories/melissa I was still logged in to a google account for work. Again I am sorry for the confusion

  18. I have that exact same photo in a book of children's Bible stories. My grandmother gave it to me when I was a small child, probably 1962 or 1963. The book, however, has a publication date of 1956 (a couple years before I was born).

    I'll work on my layout for this page tomorrow. I don't have a photo to go with it, but I know exactly which moment of faith I want to use for this page.

  19. Yay! I'm finally caught up, just in time for today's new question! Here's my page:

  20. Finally getting around to posting my journaling.
    Here is week 8's

  21. here's another wonderful question - while there are many daily times when I rely on faith in God to pull me through - this one was one fo the biggies...


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