Fiskars Friday on Thursday

{Question 5}

Well, it's the end of the day Thursday. I need an administrative assistant to do the paperwork and I'll do the creative paperwork. Right! LOL

The video is a bit whacked today. I had to stop and start several times because Mary Beth of The Scrapbook Supply Store was working hard to get Fiskateers registered for the "Scrap, Rattle and Roll Crop" This is a crop for Fiskateers being held in Greenville, South Carolina. I know at this point we have SC, GA, and VA Fiskateers signed up and ready to start. I can promise you that between all the folks planning and working hard on behalf of Fiskateers and having a great time, we are certainly in for a GREAT Time. If you are a Fiskateer you can register at

The Scrapbook Supply Store all the details are on her site.

Today is Fiskars Circle Cutter. If you haven't purchased this one or you put yours aside it now time to FREE THE CIRCLE CUTTER! LOL I've had many people tell me how much they love their "circle cutter." It will be bulky, in pieces and hard to have to pack up for crops. Sometimes it is just what you are use to. I have one of the bulky circle cutters, then I played with Fiskars Circle Cutter and I'm not gone back since. Enjoy my very scattered Video.

{{Update: cardstock is a 70lb weight}}

I have a goal this year with visitors and regulars for my blog. Not telling, but it is high. When I go into my stats I can see unique visitors (that's the number at the bottom of the page) and then total visitors. By the Way, I don't consider a lot of you visitors. LOL So It's Time for a BIG

Debby's DARE

I have a RAK that no one claimed that is HUGE! I cleaned off my Clip-It-Up. I packed a box that is 15" x 15" by 3" full of things from Heidi Swapp, Karen Foster, KI Memories, and so many brands that I can't name them all. The box is FULL and is taped up and ready to mail.

Here is the DARE. If you have a blog or website you can place my new Blidget..I'm having fun learning new things with Blogger...on your blog. Place this code in your HTML section of blogger or whatever you use. My blidget is to the right and there is a tab to "get code." Took me a bit to figure it out. LOL

If you do not have a blog get three people to "follow" Debby's Dare or sign up for the RSS Feed. Come back here and post a comment on who signed up. Everyone needs to leave a comment to tell me what you did.

Make sure to check back next Thursday on Fiskars Friday on Thursday for the announcement of the DARE. Don't miss out. If you are the random winner send me an email with your information so I can mail you your box of goodies. By the Way, let me know if you would like to see something speical on DD (crafty). Also I'm working on the USX question about getting a perfect cut. It is possible, but I want to show it to you very easily, so I need to practice.

Big Plug for Big Picture Scrapbooking. This is a wonderful teaching site with very well known teachers in the industry. I have taken a class yet, but I have my account set up and I'm checking it out. I hope to see you in class.

I'm working Friday, Saturday at a crop and at AC Moores for Scrapbooking Day, so I'll be popping in and out.

Gratitude List
1. Bob and David
2. God's loving Grace
3. Mary Beth, Stephanie, Sondra, Shannon, Sudie and the whole gang
4. Strength
5. God Grace to trust in Him with all my heart and lean not to my own understanding.


  1. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Hi Debby, Thank you for your circle cutter video. Once again I learn something new. I have the circle cutter in the bottom of a draw. Plan on digging it out now and giving it another try!

  2. Thanks for another great video Debby. I don't have the circle cutter. I may just have to put that on my Fiskar tool wish list.

  3. WELL Deb I think I did what U dared me to do I aint sure did U mean widget are blidget..HAHAHA But anyhow I got something on my BLOG..HAHAHAHAHA

  4. Hi Debi I put your "Blidget" on my blogs

  5. Did I do this right
    MaryNSC sent me..
    I M a NEwbie I met U at the CKS.

  6. Anonymous9:56 PM

    MaryNSC sent me

  7. marynsc sent me:)

  8. Hi Debby i placed your blidget on my blog...

  9. Hey lady your on my blog Check it out :) I just love the fact you hugging those fiskars scissors too funny take care :) And great video like always

  10. Hi Debby

    MaryNSC sent me over here and I am so glad she did! I love gadgets and this circle cutter is really something. ; )
    I do have a question..what weight cardstock do you use with this circle cutter?

    Thank you kindly,

  11. Gladly added your code to my blogger site, and even posted a nice little recommendation. If you can't already tell, I'm a fan but I've been pretty quite so far. :)

  12. I got your widget on my site I think. Thanks for all the tutorials!

  13. MaryNSC sent me to visit. I enjoyed your blog.

  14. LynderK10:40 AM

    :) Mary NSC sent me!

  15. love seeing your gratitude list -- gives me an idea for a weekend blog post! thanks!

  16. Of course I'll put your bligit on my blog, since my blog is all about YOU! ;)

    I have the shape cutter, but have never used the circle cutter, thanks for the video!!

  17. Enjoyed the video. Grateful for you too. :)

  18. Anonymous5:31 PM

    MaryNSC said
    Go here and I am glad she did I love the videos.

  19. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Said go to this website I am glad she did I love the ideas
    Thank you

  20. Anonymous5:34 PM

    said go here , I enjoy this site , new at this

  21. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Said go here , I did

  22. HI Debby
    MaryNSC sent me.I even had to do a BLOG for U!
    The things u do for a sister.
    Cant wait to see you In Greenville..
    Hopey 5422
    I did your Blidget widget Gadjet too..

  23. well, I tried 4 or 5 times to get the widget/bliget onto my blog, couldn't get it so I gave up on it. But I'm already following your blog for the All about you challenge.And this weeks is up on my blog.I had fun with this one. Love all your stuff. These tutorials are great, very informative. Thanks for all you do for us! Jessica

  24. Done. I blogged your blidget.

  25. i wanted to play...but don't know what a blidget is or what I should be looking for. it the one with your photo??????

  26. ok i think i did the right thing, i hope i did anyways. it froze my computer twice when i tried to get the code. and i started following your blog. i mean, ive always kept up with it in google reader, but i actually am "following" it now.

  27. Thanks for the great video - I added your widget to my blog

  28. Hey Debby, I added your widget to my blog! Took me awhile to figure it out. I always want to click before it loads all the way! lol
    Thanks for all your great videos. I always learn from them!!!


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