Fiskars Friday on Thursday (if)

{Question 7}
{Scrap, Rattle and Roll Fiskateer Crop}

...I get it uploaded before midnight. LOL

I'm demo-ing Fiskars Compact Stamp Press and using my Squeeze Punches and new stamps from Fiskars called "Wishes All Around."

If I had a wish I would love everyone to come over and play in my studio. I always make my videos too long, thus it is one take after another. It's just I like visiting with everyone. So one day you might see an open house sign and it might be ME! LOL

Couple of things.

Fiskars Squeeze Punches come in X-Large... 2", Large...1.5" and Medium 1". Not all Fiskars punches come in all three, but if you see on the package it say "X-Large" then you know what size it will punch.

I used Rangers Archival Inks and Worldwin cardstock. I'm sorry I said the wrong site address for Worldwin papers. It's actually the PaperMill and you will enjoy exploring their site. Psst: check out the Crafty Board.

Winner of Last Fiskars Friday on Thursday RAK is Barb! Yeah, send me an email and I'll get some Fiskars goodies out to you.

This week's FFT RAK is ..... I want you to help me out. I'm say the word "SO" too many times. SOOOO, I want you to count how many times I use the word "SO" in this video. Comment here and I pick randomly from the readers who get it correct. LOL Shame me folks on this one.

I have to share some fun happening over at Cosmos Cricket. They are doing a big giveaway. If you don't follow their crazy antics you really need too. They put a smile on my face every time they post! Check them out quick!

Gratitude List:
1. Bob
2. Hugs when they are so needed
3. Loss and the trust and dependence that it creates on God
4. Fun moments in life
5. God's wisdom and strength to help me make decisions that are pleasing to Him.


    I dont care how many times U say it...LOLOLOL
    U just keep sooooing all U wants too..LOLOLOL
    Video is SUPER..
    I only heard 17 times..

  2. OK I waited all day for this yesterday,and now I just have to have that press, You sold me Debby

  3. I' with Lisa, I need that stamp press!!! I thnk you so'd about 18 times. I kept watching it over again, cause I kept getting interuped! Anyway, I just love your videos, you can say so all you want.

  4. Okay Debby, maybe I was too busy watching instead of listening but I counted 16.

  5. So, I got caught up watching, so I heard it 16 times. So, have a great weekend!

  6. Well, maybe I missed some because I counted 10 and only 1.5 that were illegal. lol Some were legit ie "we turn it over SO you don't have to."

  7. Great video once agin Debby. I counted 16 SO's. I need to use my stamp press more often.

  8. I counted 16 times that you said so. So, what's wrong with that? I'm so, so glad you're doing these video. They are so, so, so fun to watch. Lol

  9. Love the video!!! Thanks for taking the time to show us how to do this!!!

  10. LOL I kept forgetting to count!! 11? any way I really like that stamp press, it would make stamping so much easier!! thanks for the tips and sharing.

  11. I was trying to listen and watch but I counted 12.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Oops, wrong button!
    I love the stamp press. Such a good product for those little acrylics. Did I hear it 22 times??? haha! That isn't really thaaaat bad. It's a powerful word.

  14. Anonymous10:50 PM

    So Debby, I think you do love that word...I heard it at least
    14 times in that video but it was still a great demonstration.
    Debbie #4668

  15. Debbie great video. I so love the new stamps...haven't seen them around here yet, but I am so hopeful. So I think I counted 13 "so's" but I am sure I missed one or two. Have a so fabulous day.

  16. oh, I forgot to say I heard 22 ssos

  17. Hi Debby
    Another great video!!. I watched it a number of times and counted 16 times you said So. I may have missed a few but I was paying attention to your demo as well. I have been behind and haven't been able to do my Fiskars Friday posts but if all goes well I will be back soon to join in on the fun. Have a great weekend.

  18. Soooo Debby great video!! Great tips..I counted you saying so 16times...hmmm sweet 16 sixteen so's lol Have a great day! XoXo

    Niki_Ray Fiskateer#5479


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