A Banner Time with Design Team Member Connie Mercer

Connie recently created this magnificent banner from Debby's Design Vintage Tags.  I love what she did with the tags and wanted to share it with you.

Vintage Boy Tag Banner
Connie Mercer

1. Cut each tag into a point~measure half way down on the tag~take a ruler and draw a line at an angle  the middle bottom point. That will give you a nice even point for your banner. Do all the tags.

2. Punch out 9 1" circles for each tag~out of pattern paper of your choice.

3. Adhere circles around bottom of tags ( point part)

4. Use tissue tape to adhere tags together making the banner.

5. Sew on machine~a top stitch.

6. Add tickets to sides with hemp or ribbon.

7. Now you are ready for the fun part~decorate and tell your story!!

Thank You Connie for sharing your creativity.

Gratitude List
1.  a fun day in class
2.  the blessing of Baby Safdi (joining the family in March)
3.  opportunities for Jacob
4.  my blessing my husband
5.  God's blessing on every breath I take


  1. This banner is fabulous Connie! I'm going to have to try one of these! Thank you very much!...Nancy :o)

  2. this is fabulous!! what a talent you are!

  3. I've been looking for a banner to make for my da8ughter's birthday. I really like yours. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Your journal cards are so wonderful! I love them.

  5. Wishing you a blessed birthday!
    Lisa a.k.a. ScripperScrapper~

  6. i was just wondering how I missed this! I love it!!!


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