Welcome Erika Taylor

Talent around here oozes at time.  heART of Scrapbooking's Design Team oozes tons of creativity.

Welcome our next Queen of heART Erika Taylor.

"Hi Everyone, I'm Erika Taylor and I'm super excited to be working with heART of Scrapbooking. I have an absolutely wonderful husband named Mark, who is my biggest supporter and fan and we have two beautiful and zany children aged 3 and 6. We reside in small town Southern Saskatchewan.

I've been paper crafting since September of 2008, but you could always find me with scissors, glue, crayons and construction paper when I was a little girl. I've got a crazy personality and love to make people giggle, either with me or at me.

Creatively, I love trying new things and revel in new techniques, tools and supplies. I am very eclectic in my style and love everything from Grunge to Vintage.

Being creative gives me the ability to express myself through art. Thoughts, memories and the little things inspire me and I love that this fulfills my creative heART.

Stop over to my blog and take a look. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and leave some love. You can find my blog at Taylord Concepts."

Welcome Erika.  I'm looking forward to a lot of fun and creativity shared here on Debby's Dare and in the Design Team's Gallery on heART of Scrapbooking.

heART of Scrapbooking

Design by Debby Lewis
Great Grandpa teaching Kellar how to pedal.

My Mind's Eye Alphabet Soup is up and ready for you to come claim your bit of fun and inspiration from My Mind's Eye.  Seeing it on line is one thing, seeing it in person just melts your heart for the fun it inspires. 

Gratitude List
1.  a day off
2.  good friends
3.  bravery
4.  friends who believe in me
5.  encouragement that only God can send my way through those around me


  1. Erika's from Saskatchewan? YAY for SK!! Way to pick them Debby!! I look forward to seeing her work! If she's from my province then I already know she's a genius! lol...Nancy :o)

  2. I forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS to you Erika!! Welcome!...Nancy :o)

  3. Congrats Erika!
    Lovely layout- the picture is priceless!

  4. Welcome Erika, I can't wait to see what you create!

  5. Looking forward to creating along with you!!!

  6. Thank you so much for the congratulations. i'm looking forward to sharing my art and being inspired by all of your art as well.

  7. Welcome Ericka and what a cute LO!!

  8. Whoo hooo congrats Ericka...I know you do some awesome work!!! hugs, Katrina


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