Monday, September 06, 2010

My Personal Annoucement and Blessing

Everything seems to be moving fast around my house.  So much is happening.  The kids are now all adults and although a few are still living with us I never see them.  I think I'm in the early stages of Empty Nest Syndrome.  LOL

Here is who the announcement is about...

(photo was taken by Tracy Turpin .com)

I have so many wedding photos of Tabitha and David that it will take me years to get them all in a scrapbook.  In the meantime life goes on.

Tabitha and David are expecting their first baby in March!  I'm going to be a grandmother again.  I'm very excited and know that I'm blessed.   Congratulations to Tabitha and David!  I love you.

Gratitude List
1.  Tabitha and David
2.  Baby S.
3.  H.
4.  A.
5.  Life that is given by God and His walk with us through out our lives.


  1. Oh that's great news Debby......being a Nana now myself I know how over themoon you all must be......the birth of a new baby into the family brings such joy and happiness


  2. Congrats, Debby (and Tabitha and David)! Grandchildren are a continual joy. And they will help you get over empty nest really quickly.

    They are the blessing given us for the next step in our life. I know as I have 6 blessings myself! Enjoy!!

  3. Congratulations! Stunning layout!

  4. {{hugs}}} what great news!!! you are BLESSED!!!!

  5. Congrats Debby! Babies are so much fun!

  6. Congrats to you all~!

  7. Congrats Debby, and the 'kids' too! What fun for them to be expecting their first child.

  8. Congratulations!! I love being a grandma!

  9. Congrats to the whole family, yey a new baby!!

  10. total congrats! being a mimi rocks.

  11. How exciting for all of you! Congratulations!

    I loved all of the wedding pictures you shared of the wedding. You have some great material to be scrapping for years to come!

  12. TracyM #67737:02 PM

    Congratulations to you and your family Debby!!!

  13. Congrats! The photo on your layout is beautiful!

  14. Ohh how special, congrats.

  15. Oh what exciting news! I can just picture your smile from ear to ear. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!

  16. Congrats Debby!! Thats such wonderful news!


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