I Had a Great Birthday Present

What a stay-cation!  I enjoyed my break cooking, spending time with my family, and all the Happy Birthdays here on Debby's Dare.  Thank you for all your good thoughts.

I woke up late on Saturday to my first Birthday phone call from my daughter, Tabitha.
     "Happy Birthday Day!"
     "Thank you.  You're my fist call of the day."
     "Guess what."
     "Oh, today is the day."
     "Yes, we are here now."
      (excited beyond words.)
     "It's a GIRL!"
     Imagine lots of screaming right here!  LOL

On my birthday we found out Tabitha is having a precious little girl.  She sent me photos of the sonogram.  Guess what this scrapbooker did Saturday?  Oh, yeah.  Little Honey's first page.

What a way to start the day. 

Tomorrow I'll show you how I made some of my embellishments on this page.  LH's Great Grandmother crocheted the piece on the right.

The winner of the four day celebration is
Debbie Yates said...
"I too am celebrating a birthday this weekend - mine is Sunday! I would love to win this fab Moxie prize!"
Happy Birthday Debbie and congratulations!  Send your snail mail to Debbysdare@gmail.com.

Thanks everyone for celebrating with me.
Gratitude List
1.  R
2.  Tabitha and David
3.  William and Stephanie
4.  H and A
5.  Adam and Vanessa
6.  Jacob
7.  my beloved husband, Jimmy
8.  God's tremendous blessing of my family


  1. Love the sweet little animals on your layout!

  2. What a beautiful way to celebrate your day! Blessing to you and your new granddaughter.


  3. Congratulations Debbie!!!

  4. Congrats, Debby!! A sweet little girl will be the most wonderful gift. And to find out on your birthday is even more special! What a great present!!!

  5. Congratulations! I know what we will be seeing for a long time into the future :)

  6. What a happy day! Congratulations! The name Raelyn is very pretty! Great first page for your granddaughter!

  7. Oh what a sweet birthday call. Beautiful page.

  8. What exciting news and great page! My kids put our granddaughter's sonogram on a coffee mug that I got for Christmas. I will treasure it forever!

  9. I love your embellishments! Congrats on being a grandma to a little girl!!

  10. Thank you Debby and congrats - Raelynn is beautiful! I sent you a private message with my snail mail...forwhatever reson I could not grab your email from your site?? whatever...

    Thanks again...glad our birthdays were so great!

  11. Did you get my FB message...I still cannot email to your gmail account...idk what's up with that!

    dabblesbydeb at yahoo dot com



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