Let's Try the Cute Thing Again

Well, I tried "cute" again this weekend.  One of the definitions of "cute" for me is using themed paper.  I rarely, almost never buy theme paper.  They are great, but it's not my thing.  Part of this Journey learning new things about my craft is reaching out to be challenged.  So I'm not going to give up.

I won this awesome American Crafts paper and embellishments from 2Peas in a Bucket during the Winter CHA Online Social.  This was one of their new lines.  It is all about Camping.  Right.  I camped as a child, I've went camping with friends, I've taken students of mine camping, but I have nothing sort of "cute" for "cute" camping paper.  Thank goodness for two sided paper and manufactures who have the foresight to create a side without the theme.  I did jump into the theme once I got started.

As I looked at the stickers and badges I saw a different idea to use.  Jay has graduated High School and is getting ready to go the college.  His favorite part of anticipating college is moving out on his own.  I used the embellishments in a tongue and cheek kinda way!

The Story
Jay's sister did a bit of a photo shoot of Jacob back in 2006 while we were at Mom's.  She did a great job.  We needed some good photos of Jay for College and in the ending of High School.  Tab had another photo shoot and took some incredible photos.  This one on the layout is my favorite. 

The Layout

Things I Learned
  • Never give up!  I'm not there yet with the theme or cutesy projects but I'm beginning to look at it differently.
  • Don't look at themed lines of products and see only the theme.  aka. Camping.
  • I love dimensional letters for my title.  I use stickers or I cut out letters with my Slice or Cricut, but I totally love my chipboard and Thickers letters.  Problem:  I need vowels!  You can spell two or three words and that's it.  I spent way too much time trying to figure that one out.  Manufacture Challenge:  make a separate package to sell with just the vowels.  Please?
  • You can "cluster" with cutesy embellishments.  It's been a struggle for me to use the embellishments that match the themed paperline.  So I gritted my teeth and tried.  I had to walk away a couple of times, but after awhile it grew on me.  LOL
  • This American Crafts paperline has chipboard borders.  That is so not "me."  These were absent of the "theme" and the shape and colors are fun, so I went for it.  Also the little chipboard "tabs" with the date in them is actually another chipboard border that I cut and used as a tab.
  • You can sew without thread.  I love a sewn look, but it was fun just zipping around the paper for a new-to-me look.
  • This is the second time in recent history I created a layout without ink.  Not that I didn't want to, but the challenge for me was to see if I could do it. 
  • I don't mat my photos.  It's just me and my thing.  In this layout I sort of matted but I shifted the mat layers around for a  more boyish look.

I don't think I'm quiet satisfied with "cute/theme" yet, but I like this one better than the last.  I still owe you one more cute layout from last week.  I'll be working on it.  As you can see I'm either determined or stubborn.  I won't tell you which one my husband would pick!

Have a Crafty Day!

Gratitude List
1.  sweet rest
2.  Lilly
3.  God's gift to Jay providing for collage
4.  patience of my friend
5.  God who chooses to be active in my life


  1. It looks great Debby!!!I love following your blog~never know what you are going to try next~love that!!

  2. I love your layout! The photos are great! I would also like more vowels in a pack of alpha stickers...

  3. Great way to take the products and get them to work for you. Love your layout and how you took the products in a different direction. I often have to leave the theme at the door and just work with the colors and patterns. I love the wood grain on this paper and can see using that for a variety of things.

  4. Debby - I think it turned out really cute! And the "theme" actually worked well for the photos and topic :)

  5. Love the little "wilderness" banner down the side!

  6. I don't use themed paper. It's just not my thing. I so understand where you're coming from. Looks great!! Good for you for constantly challenging yourself.

  7. 'Love this "cute" layout, Debby! Oh, and I also love the things that you learned and are grateful for....thanks so much for sharing!!

  8. I always enjoy reading your list of things you've learned as well as your gratitude list :o)

    This layout is indeed cute, but it remains true to your style! I love that! :o)


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