Fiskars Friday on Thursday

My middle name this week is busy busy busy. "Debby are you busy," "Debby, you're not busy are you?" "Mom are you too busy to ...." "Busy?" LOL It's the great kind of busy. It's Thursday and the FOY Fiskateer Event starts next Friday. I can not say enough about everyone helping, it's really more than helping. Wow! God is certainly gracious.

I'm going to show a several Fiskars tools that I used in the layout of my Aunt Robbie. My aunt passed away yesterday. We are sad and will miss her greatly. I've already started pouring over my photos of her from a young lady in school to the last photo I have of her. I will be spending some time remembering her in my way.

If any the video gave you some new ideas let me know. I always appreciate when you leave a comment. Makes me feel wanted. LOL
Last post I DARED YOU to get involved in the Fiskateers Food Drive (you don't have to be a Fiskateer, just someone who cares)? Well, this is what one Fiskateer is planning.

"It's that time again! I said we would do it every quarter and we are getting ready to have another charity crop! This one is a biggie! Our charity is Harvest Hope Food Bank. June is obviously a slow time for them and we are going to step up and help out! This crop will run from June 26 - 28! Three whole days! We have a prime spot at the Village of Sandhills. The prizes are already coming in...and those of you who have cropped with me know I love the prizes! We are teaming with the village and will have many great prizes and silent auction items and fabulous food from vendors of the village! I am working on securing a block of rooms at the Hampton Inn. Cost for the three days of scrapping will be $100 per person, but if you sign up before May 31st it is only $90! That cost will include prizes, lunch, dinner and snacks each day and a table all to yourself to scrap...."

Stacie Mandrell (Fiskateer!)
Scrappin' Creations
Columbia, SC 29229

Stacie has asked me to do demos so I might see you there!!

I still DARE YOU to do your "thing" with the Fiskateer Food Drive.

Gratitude List
1. Special people with hearts wide open
2. God's priority in my life
3. My steps He guides
4. Smiles
5. God giving the rain!


  1. Thanks for another great video. I love your layout. I got some grunge paper but haven't tried it yet. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Hey Debby, you busy? Got a minute, can we talk? ! LOL

    I love, love , love the flower and the butterfly! They are gorgeous!

    And the first thought I had when the video came up was I loved your hair!

    You're very lucky to have photos of family. I have very few of any of my family and zilch of me as a child!


  3. Debby - Thanks for another great video. I wait ALL day on Thurs. for these. You ALWAYS make me wish that I had not gotten rid of tools. I have NEVER tried grungeboard or paper but NOW I really want to!! Sorry to hear of your aunts passing. I love how you scrapbook for therapy. I find myself doing that also. Hugs to you.

  4. Sorry for Aunt's passing I know it is hard moment but remember the joy she brought to you and those you love.

    Video was fun thanks for the ideas and I really need to try grunge paper out one of these days.

  5. Debby,you keep on trucking,I'm so sorry for your loss,it must be hard,I love all your videos and this weeks was fantastic,you're a strong person,God Bless you and be with you and your family.

  6. OOO U R so much FUN!!
    I M so sorry about your AUNT!!
    I want to see U demonstrate every thing At SCRAP RATTLE AND ROLL..LOLOL
    I always catch my self leaning up and trying to LOOK in to see what U doing.. I get so wrapped up in it. Thanks Deb
    C U N
    7 days and 13 hours


    is the Grundge Board like a ceral box??

  7. Debby, I'm so sorry for your loss. It's good that you have photos to remember her buy. Don't your pix prod your memory! Mine do. I hope your Mothers Day goes well. I know you'll enjoy being around your kids.

  8. Could you ask God to slow down on the rain here,lol


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